As people are increasingly concerned about toxic chemicals in their beauty products and toiletries, there are more and more individuals who are looking for products that come entirely or mostly from natural sources. Thankfully, there is a huge natural beauty market that can cater to this need.

The use of oils is becoming increasingly popular as a way of moisturizing the skin and the body. Certain oils, however, are particularly effective in solving certain other conditions too. One of these is rose hip oil, which can bring many great benefits to the hair as well as to the skin.

The first major use of this oil is that it is very good for adding shine back to the hair. A non-greasy oil, it still has the ability to lock in shine, which can successfully improve the appearance of dull locks. This can be used mixed into another hair product, or can be applied in a very small amount to the hair after washing.

When applying, it is absolutely important to only use a small amount, in order to get used to the right volume of oil for your hair. This is because some hair may be thicker and longer than other people's hair, which can mean that more product is required for best results.

It is also exceptionally good at adding shine to colored hair. Although hair that has recently had a color treatment can seem somewhat dull, rosehip oil can effectively work to counter that. In addition to all the intensive moisturizing products you get after using a box of hair dye, a few drops of rosehip will help give hair its natural shine back.

In addition to adding shine to hair, rosehip oil is also very useful for conditioning and moisturizing hair. Although some natural oils are not suitable for application on the face or the hair as this can make them greasy, this is different in the case of rosehip extract.

It is best to apply it to damp hair in order to lock in the moisture that remains in hair after washing. This is exactly the same technique if you want to use the product for your skin – always use a few drops of the oil neat on damp hair in order to help moisture absorption.

Another way to treat dry hair with rosehip oil is to use a homemade hot oil treatment on your hair and scalp. This can be done very easily by heating a small bowl of this oil until it is a very warm but comfortable temperature, and then rubbing it gently into the scalp as well as the length of the hair. This should leave hair looking and feeling soft and smooth.

This leads to the third and final benefit of this product for the hair – it can help treat dandruff naturally. The treatment can be manufactured in exactly the same way as mentioned above, with oil being heated gently in a bowl and then being massaged into the head. As you are farming dandruff, it is important to rub the oil deep into the scalp, then leave the oil on for thirty minutes or so.

This oil has been proven to be very effective with dandruff, itchy scalps and other scalp conditions. It can be used mixed with other soothing and dandruff fighting oils and products, or instead can be used neat. This will all depend on your needs and particular scalp condition.

These are just three of the many benefits that rosehip oil can bring to people suffering with hair and scalp issues. The best thing about the product is, however, unduly the fact that this substances all natural and does not rely on harsh chemicals to deliver very impressive results.