Everyone wants to know how to grow back their hair after experiencing basic hair loss. Growing back hair at any rate should be the first priority. But when positive results start to happen, then we can promote the speed of hair growth by following a few tips.

Before we get into the tips for faster growth, we must understand that the older we get the lower our metabolism gets. This means that it will take time to regrow hair no matter what we do. Besides the fact that every person is different, the speed of hair growth will be dependent upon some basic factors that need to be in place.

A brief overview of a hair cycle is an appropriate issue to take in at this time, so that you can understand how the tips can work into it.

There are 3 stages to hair growth and full advantage needs to be taken so that normalcy can be taken back.

The first stage is known as the growth phase that can last from 1-2 years to 6-10 years. Of course, these are estimates but understand that this is the longest phase of them all.

The second phase is actually where the hair stops growth altogether. This is a resting place for the hair in preparation for the third and final phase.

The third phase is the phase where hair is shed from the scalp. This is a perfectly normal thing to happen to have hairs fall off. Approximately 100 hairs are lost on a daily basis and are considered normal. This is not hair loss at this point but a regeneration of the old hair being replaced by new hairs.

The following tips will promote a natural cycle of the three stages indicated by implementing the following aspects.

Tip # 1. Diet Hair follicles are dependent upon Keratin. Keratin is part of the protein family and this establishes the foundation so that hair can grow. Your diet has to be protein rich that has enough Omega 3 fatty acids. This is an easy remedy where you can get it from supplements or from eating fish on a regular basis. Make eating protein a regular habit in your diet to be healthy.

Tip # 2. Massage Stimulating the scalp is really easy to do and it does not take any more more time out of the day than taking a shower. That is, one of the best places and time to massage your scalp is during your shower time. Using the right shampoo and spending time to massage your scalp is absolutely crucial in the success of growing back your hair.

Tip # 3. Avoidance This tip is actually what not to do to your hair. Being gentle to your hair by not applying tight pony tails, elastic bands, or anything that inhibits air from getting to your scalp is important. Avoid excessive washing of the hair, even with the right type shampoo can be detrimental in the long run.

So by following these tips will give your hair a chance to regrow naturally. Follow a healthy diet routine and taking care of your hair is a good strategy that will give you the results that you're looking for.