There are people who seem to have a hard time when it comes to growing their hair while there are those who can easily do it. Many women not only have long hair but they are also able manage to keep it shiny. Want the same? Then here are tips on how to grow your mane longer and look great.

  • Visit your hair stylist regularly and have hair trimmed. If you do not trim off inch inch of your mane every two months, this could result in split ends and your mane would become frizzy. It may also sound ironic but you need to cut mane for it to grow longer and healthier. Have your mane checked by your stylist to see if there are split ends and then cut them off.

  • If possible, braid your hair using an elastic with minimal light pressure when you sleep. This would secure it from getting moved and folded into different positions as you sleep. When your hair is constantly rubbed, the friction would actually damage it. After washing your hair, pat it dry instead of rubbing it briskly with your towel. You can also let it dry naturally.

  • There are elements in the environment that could damage hair such as sunlight and dust. Protecting it by donning on a hat is one way on how to grow hair longer . Avoid heat and styling products and devices such as hair sprays, gets, hair dryers, hot combs and curling irons because these can harm the hair and hinder the growth process.

  • When you comb, brush and wash your hair every day, this will cause breakage and weaken it. To give it a break, you should try sporting a wig or hair extensions. This will allow it to grow longer and healthily.

  • Massage your scalp regularly. This will actually stimulate blood flow that the hair follicles would get the nutrients it needs for hair growth. Massage your scalp for five to ten minutes every day.

  • Have a healthy diet, combine it with vitamin supplements and exercise regularly. This will let you get the nutrition your body and hair needs to stimulate hair growth. Make sure to avoid foods that have sugar and fat.

  • Hydrate your body by drinking at least eight glasses of water as your hair also needs moisture to grow healthily. Sleep at up to eight hours every day because the body needs to be rested for it to become stronger which would stimulate hair growth.

Women with longer hair become more attractive. To stimulate hair growth, it should be trimmed regularly, braided while sleeping, protected with a hat and given a break by using hair extensions. You should also eat healthily, drink plenty of water daily, get enough sleep and have your scalp massaged.