As we move into our middle years, hair loss becomes much more prominent and we are in a fix what to do about it. To learn about its remedies, read on.

Well, the first thing your hair needs is sunshine. Read something in the sunshine comfortably in your balcony or somewhere you think appropriate under the sun for some time and it will help a great deal in reducing its loss.

One sure remedy for this kind of loss is to put hair oil (Johnson's baby hair oil, or coconut oil usually more available in our part of the world) in your hair. Then shampoo your hair the next day. It will be silky and stunningly shiny after it dries. It is good to follow this technique during weekends or holidays so that you do not have to show your oily hair in public. Neverheless, putting hair oil in your hair once a week will pay off to cut down its loss. Why is hair oil needed for hair? Just as your body needs food for growth and nourishment, your hair needs hair oil for the same reasons.

I have read in an article a few years back that losing about 60 hairs per day is normal. So if your hair is falling at that rate, you have nothing to be worried about.

The best advice I would give, on the overall, is to apply hair oil one day, shampoo your hair the next day during daytime and sit in the sun to dry it. That way it gets the best treatment and you will begin to love its quality and will get noticed, not to talk of its loss anymore.

It may be advised that you do NOT apply too much gel, hair spray or even drier to your hair frequently because these destroy its quality and result in its gradual loss.

Summing up, whether you have curly or straight hair, you must take great care of it. Applying the techniques (which I have already discussed) to short hair is relatively easier than to longer hair. But with time you will get used to following all the steps. Remember the steps are important as I guarantee that they are bound to work well for you or anyone you would like to share them with because if they give good results for my friends and me, the same is going to happen to you. You will be happy with the income and get lots of compliments everywhere you go, and people would care to know your secrets, making you a shining and confident person in the spotlight!