Many people wonder if there's a single and most effective method that can be used to know your hair grow faster and longer naturally. After all, hair extensions tend to be tacky and expensive.

In addition, these easy fix measures may even yield unsatisfactory results since the extensions may not even match the real shade of your hair. This will produce a jarring incongruence that will cause people to stare at you for all the wrong reasons.

Chemical hair growers, on the other hand, carry the risk of producing adverse effects like dandruff if you have sensitive skin on your scalp. Actually, natural methods still remain as the best way to go if you want to have the best and the most beautiful tresses.

Several tips will be presented here to make sure the top of your head remains gorgeously covered.

  1. Avoid tying your hair back or pinning it whenever possible. It's perfectly understandable if you need to style your hair a certain way for work and events but let it down whenever the opportunity presents itself. You'll note that whenever you pull out the band tying your ponytail, a little hair goes with it. The same principle is true for conditions wherein you're pulling out the pins in your head. It may seem like a little amount of hair but it adds up if you tie and untie your tresses constantly. The less effort you exert to style your hair, the faster and longer it can grow.
  2. Keep your hair away from heat. This applies to any active source of heat – be it the hairdresser or the sun. If you're taking in a day at the beach to soak up some rays and some waves, keep your head under wraps. Wear a hat to prevent sun damage and put on a swim cap before hitting the surf so the salt water does not dry out your locks. When you're at home, try drying your hair with cool air from an electric fan rather than a blast from your hairdryer. It may take longer to dry this way but it causes less damage in the long run.
  3. As much as possible, avoid applying any kind of chemical solutions on your head. This means everything from dyes to hairspray to styling gel. These chemicals may weaken your hair and this will extremely result in breaking of your hair. Learning how to help your hair grow faster and longer naturally means eliminating this chemical element as much as possible.
  4. When you're showering or bathing, the same principle of avoiding heat applies. Do your best to wash your head in cool water since hot water can cause damage to your follicles and make you bald.

It absolutely pays off to know the basics, these tips are just good old common sense. Take good care of your hair and it will stay and grow for you. Maintenance is the key to long beautiful locks so keep these tips in mind and you'll soon be an expert on how to help you hair grow faster and longer naturally.