Hair loss has been shown to be caused by soap residue, stress, aging, ancestry and environmental factors. One of the best free ways to reduce hair loss is to rinse the scalp with warm water thoroughly. Then massage it gently, while rinsing the scalp with warm water, to remove the soap residue from the scalp. The method of scalp massage has been shown to be the cheapest method to slow hair loss. The hair replacement by surgical procedure is cost but effective.The packaged replacement therapy is easy to get. There are many good over the counter remedies. Many people have found the warm rinse and message method to be effective for them.

Oh no! What is the deal? Where has my hair gone? The timeless questions that every generation has asked of each other why am I aging? What is this thing that my body is doing? The hair thins and the hairline retreats naturally as we age. Not to mention the fact that the skin thins and gets very easy to tear. Healing occurs much more slowly, we tend to eat less all adding to the special problems of aging. Those and many more special aging problems may also occur as we age. Our joints and muscles all seem to be out to get us. No matter what we try to do, or where we try to get away from it our aging is always there.

The hair has thinned but the genetic code for it remains. The follicle it was in prior to its demise is still there. The missing hair can be replaced by various methods of hair regrow therapy and formulas. It has been said that we age because we in effect rust we are iron and carbon based life forms after all. This thing that our body is doing is the thing that time has done to all who came before us. They have left us their legacy, that we call civilization. All that we use and improve on they helped develop. There are lotions for the skin, that help prevent skin tears and restore soft skin. Many products exist to aid the joints and ease the pain of sore swollen joints. There are many methods to fight the thinning of our bones. Dietary supplements that provide the extra nutrition that our body needs as we age. We can slow the advance of time with diet, exercise and proper rest. Now we must ask what quality of life do we want? How much more active can we live? The answer is up to each of us to take the needed actions to improve our quality of life.