The problem of hair loss is certainly nothing new in this world. People have been suffering from it for thousands of years. It is really only getting worse on a day to day basis because of the fact of evolution. Losing hair is engrained in our DNA. This is because we evolved from great apes many millennia ago, but we branched off into a category of sapiens that had bigger brains and lost the need for hair. Our bodies have lost over 97% of our hair since then, but for the majority, we kept it on our heads because we lose a large amount of heat through this part of our body.

Because of the fact that losing hair is engrained in our genetics because of evolution, it does not mean that everyone agrees with or is satisfied with this fact of life. As a matter of fact, we have been battling it ever since we realized it as a problem. We have used the positive things of human evolution to counteract the negative aspects of it. We use our brains. With our use of higher intelligence, scientific research and experimentation has led humans to take desperate measures.

We have been experimenting with radical treatments for ages, but when medical research was in its infancy, we lost many lives or altered them for the worse. This is just an undeniable fact of medical science. A recent example of this deals with finasteride. Finasteride is a drug that was developed to counteract a receding hairline or baldness and stimulate new growth. After slipping by the FDA and helping a few men regain or maintain some hair, we have recently discovered the many harmful side effects of using it.

New scientific research is now much more focused around safety and conducting tests before bringing potentially harmful products to market. The FDA has always been stringent on allowing new products to reach the market, and the process for pharmaceutical companies to release new remedies is grueling and cumbersome. Just the idea of ​​how time-consuming this process is alone turns away many from even trying to discover new treatments.

An example of new science in hair loss treatments deals with something called follicular unit transplantation, or FUT. This differs from follicular unit extraction, or FUE, in that it does not deal with taking hair from other parts of the body to replace them on the top of the head. It actually deals with the core of the problem – your DNA. FUT is derived from stem cell research and actually deals with slight alterations in your DNA to prevent baldness or even re-grow a receding hairline.

Because of the many fallacies of past scientific research and the harmful consequences associated with it, many skeptics exist in regards to this radical new treatment procedure. It is so new that the fact of whether it will be a surgical procedure or a new pharmaceutical drug is still unknown to the masses. However, it is the boldness of scientists and researchers to venture into the unknown in an attempt to honestly help people, however lucrative the hair loss industry might be.