Has hair loss become a major and embarrassing issue for you recently? You are probably a bit overwhelmed by all the varied restoration options. So what do you do now? Do you try lotions? How about hair replacement surgery? To figure out a proper solution for you, let us first take a brief look at what causes baldness.

Causes of Loss

Medical science has come to learn that genes of baldness are passed down from both the male and female side of the family. These genes can also skip endless generations of people, and it is wholly random who will be affected. What causes loss in one family member may not be the reason it happens to another family member. There are other factors such as stress and diet that can cause loss, but that happens in less than five percent of the population. Other factors include chemotherapy, alopecia, and trichotillomania.

If you are considering hair replacement and you are not sure which process to use, then let's take a look at the different procedures for rejuvenation.


Also known as clip-in extensions, attachments come in a natural or synthetic material. They can be in styles like straight or curly, and their colors are natural. These pieces attach by using a claw clip or drawstring method. You can find full hairpieces or ponytails and bangs.


Bonding is a method of weaving that incorporates the application of glue to a section on your head to attach a new piece. This is a common, safe procedure. Bonded hair needs to be maintained every three weeks, and a professional must be present for removal.


This is an innovative product produced from scientific technology. It combines durability, lightness, softness, uniformity, body, lift, and style retention together. This product is superior to other types. High moisture content in this product means it acts naturally when dry or wet. This product is perfect for those with an active lifestyle.


This is a process developed to prolong the life of a hairpiece or to help revitalize your natural hair. It adds vitamins into your scalp to make the texture nice and bouncy. It also prevails it from taking a dull and lifeless shape.

For whatever reason you may be suffering loss, consulting a professional is your best bet. Many hair replacement professional salons offer a free consultation to help you find a solution to your loss.