The pain of age is realized when one day you stand in front of the mirror and see that your hairline is receding very fast. Many women while combing their hair realize this pain, when they see few hundreds of hair falling with every stroke of the brush.

Men begin to feel the change in the dynamics of their head when people begin to notice and start commenting. This is embarrassing and discouraging for the person experiencing hair loss.

The most surprising element of this issue is that, the age at which people begin to lose hair is dropping every year. In the early 1990s, the average age of drastic hair loss for women was 40 years and for men was 38 years.

Today, women lose hair drastically at the age of 33 years and men at the age of 28 years. The reason for this is the chemical-rich food we eat each day. There is no alternative to the food we eat each day, but we can definitely work according to the situation on hand.

There are number of home remedies that you might have heard of. These include regular oily hair with olive oil or coconut oil. Hot oil therapy is also recommended for such hair. Apart from this one remedy at hand is the vibration therapy. This allows the hair follicle cells to revive and rejuvenate themselves. It is like massaging a passive hair cell to get reactivated again.

If you can take pills, you can take some medicines that suit your body also.

One of the most used methods today is the use of minoksidil. This drug is known to stop hair loss and promote hair growth. Surprisingly, this has no side effects reported so far. Further, people have also said that minoxidil has not only increased hair growth but also hair strength. This helps hair not to break easily. You can find more information on this drug on a reputed site such as . This drug is available in the form of simple hair sprays which help in easy and regular application. This drug is also available as a cream which gets absorbed in the scalp soon too. The outcome of this drug use has been good so far and is recommended.

There are other ways of hair gain too. These are also tested and tested methods with mediocre results on hair gain. Many websites have online help to assist you with the best possible solution for you too!