Hair loss, hair thinning, alopecia or male patterned baldness have received a lot of attention on media and public forums. People with hair problems such as these are eager to try different techniques to overcome the issue.

In this regard, mesotherapy has been quickly gaining popularity. More and more people are turning towards it as a way to overcome hair loss. Does it really help? Let us discuss what mesotherapy actually is and is it really of any use?

Mesotherapy is a procedure where your scalp is infected with some medications, essentially vitamins (it may also include various pharmaceutical or homoeopathic medicines). This helps in increasing the blood circulation which in turn leads to healthy growth of hairs. What surprises me the most is that there is an utter lack of documentary evidence about the effectiveness of this treatment. While you may find a number of internet websites and press releases claiming it being the most effective treatment for not only hair loss but a number of other cosmetic treatments such as aging skin, body shaping and removal of cellulite. The scientific evidence is nearly none.

It may be interesting to note that the FDA (Federal Drug Administration), USA, does not recommend the procedure while in Singapore a publication on guidelines of aesthetic practices rated mesotherapy as a list B procedure, meaning by that the procedure has not been well documented or well established.

Since the procedure has no concrete study its long-term side effects are not known yet. Many patients complaint that mesotherapy did not get them the desired results. The process may also lead to temporary discoloration of skin, minor burning or itching sensation but all these are lost over a few hours. Physicians claim that mesotherapy is a very easy procedure to do but the main problem is that its results vary from patient to patient. Furthermore in countries where there are no clear or specific guidelines regarding safe medical practices, mesotherapy can prove downright dangerous due to the lack of hygiene.

It is important that one is entirely aware of all the risks involved in the process. Even though mesotherapy has been around for years now, it still requires some research and documented evidence. It may be good to adopt healthy life style and diet instead of going for some undocumented medical procedure like mesotherapy. Before you go for it ask yourself, is it really worth the risk?