Nothing is worse for your health than looking in the mirror and feeling dissatisfaction with what you see. Thinning or complete hair loss can have adverse effects on one's emotional, psychological, and social well-being. However, there is good news for those suffering from this condition: there are many nonsurgical replacement options available to choose from. For those who are experiencing the beginning stages of loss, there are prevention products to stop the loss and stimulate regrowth better than before. For others a little further along in the process, or suffering from loss due to medical issues (such as alopecia or chemotherapy), consider grafts or laser treatments. With the latest technological advances, the full, natural-looking mane you've been lingering for is simply a consultation away.


If you are in the early stages of thinning, there are some topical hair loss prevention systems that should be seriously considered. These prevention systems are proven to stop the problem in its tracks and regrow hair stronger and shinier. The patented, multi-therapeutic formulas reduce the naturally occurring hormone that shrinks follicles, allowing them to rejuvenate.

Men's Nonsurgical Grafts

Whether suffering from alopecia, male pattern baldness, or any other cause of partial or total baldness, you can find a customizable, permanent solution in nonsurgical grafts. The treatment makes individual strands emerge from the scalp to create a natural look and feel. With no perceptible change in color, appearance, or feel, the difference between your natural hair and the graft is actually undetectable by sight or touch. It can be styled, washed, colored, and cut just like your natural mane. A choice exists between real or synthetic grafts, although both replacement methods appear organic.

Laser Treatment

An option for both men and women, non-invasive laser therapy also stimulates regrowth to optimum condition. Using a breakthrough technology that combines low-light lasers and modern topical applications, this is the best new method of stopping loss and promoting new particle growth. This nonsurgical procedure uses specific wavelengths of light to stimulate natural growth and renewal, giving your hair new strength, elasticity, and fullness. As there are no known side effects, low-level laser light therapy is one of the safest procedures available and shows equally excellent results in both men and women as a hair replacement alternative.

From nonsurgical grafts and laser therapy to prevention systems, finding the replacement treatment that works best for you is simple. These solutions combine technical expertise with modern artistry and give you back your hair so you can rock your favorite look once more. With a restored hairline, your confidence returns, and you are yourself once more. With the replacement treatments and therapies available today, options for restoration remain plentiful.