As they say, the hair is our crowning glory. It completes our look and at the same time gives our look a bit of personality. But what if you are losing your hair? That would be like a member of the royalty with his / her crown missing and would simply be not right. If you are losing hair or growing it too slowly, you must also ask yourself this. I want to know how I can make my hair grow faster but I can not quite find the answer how. This article would provide you with some answers on how you can do it.

  • Getting a scalp massage- When thinking of hair (or the lack of it), we usually think of it simply as just our hair. But little do many people know that the scalp is directly linked to overall hair health. After all, this is where the hair follicles are located. That said, getting a scalp massage is important because it gets the blood flowing to the follicles. As more blood goes into the follicles, the faster and healthier your hair can grow.
  • Getting a hot oil treatment- This treatment has been proven to help make hair both strong and healthy. It is usually made from natural herbs so adding this ingredient to your hair can markedly increase your hair's shine and strength. What's more, it can also make your hair grow faster.
  • Getting a balanced diet- This is one of the underrated ways on how I can make my hair grow faster, having a balanced diet is one key way to growing hair fast. Just like any part of the body, nutrition is a crucial part of its growth. Without it, then it's conceivable that hair would slow down its growth or even growing growing altogether.
  • Avoiding hair additives- Hairspray and gel, have both been known to damage hair. It can break the strands of your hair, making growth slower. If you are trying to grow your hair, you should refrain from taking such hair additives, or at least use them sparingly.

These are some of the ways how I can make my hair grow faster. Because of this, I was able to amaze some of the people around me. And now, I am more than happy to share the things that I have learned with you. Apply them, and you can expect a quick-growing, vibrant head full of hair.