One of the qualities of a stunning woman would be their long hair. Unfortunately, not everyone can easily grow out their hair. Proper hair growth would need maintenance and a healthy scalp. With a healthy scalp, your hair would grow longer in a short time and look bright and shiny. Here are tips on how to grow your hair long fast.

  • Wash your maneevery other day or after three days with the proper shampoo that's meant for your type of mane. When you shampoo your mane daily, this would take away the essential oils from both your hair and scalp. These oils are needed for hair growth. When you use the right kind of shampoo for your mane, it will also encourage propermane growth speedily.

  • Never brush or comb your hair forcefully. Do it gently using a shower comb with wide teeth. This is good for both wet and dry hair. This kind of comb will help prevent tugging so hair would not break and fall out. Hair growth is then encouraged.

  • Refrain from using a ponytail every day because your hair also needs to flow and breathe freely for it to be healthy. It should also be well protected from being rolled because this would strain the roots that causing hair fall and stopping proper hair growth. You can do hair styles for special occasions only.

  • Consuming foods that help stimulate hair growth is one way on how to grow your hair long. The speed of hair growth would also depend on the food you eat. Stay away from processed, sugary, starchy and packaged food. Go for a diet that is rich in protein because hair is made of protein cells. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, poultry, eggs, lentils, beans and salmon to have healthy hair. If hair is healthy, it can grow fast.

  • Ask your doctor for advice when it comes to hair growth. If you have trouble growing your hair, this may be because of a defect medical issue. Your physician would be able to recommend treatments, medications and supplements to have the problem corrected. You may also be taking medications that prevent your hair from growing.

Long mane which stems from a healthy scalp is the envy of most women. To keep it strong, it must also be washed with the right shampoo, treated gently and not forcefully and allowed to flow freely daily. You should also have a healthy diet and stay away from foods that would prevent hair growth. You should also have your doctor check why your mane does not grow longer so that medical treatments would be prescribed.