To most girls, long and healthy locks are considered an asset. Lengthy tresses are certified head-turners; they can be worn in any style and they go well with a lot of getups. But as we know, growing healthy hair is not an easy task. As our hair grows longer, it becomes more prone to damage. And sometimes, it can be really tempting to chop your hair off just so you could do away with the hassle. But, you might want to think twice before making that trip to the hairdresser-you might regret donning that bob cut later on. If you're thinking about “How to make my hair grow faster and longer at home” here are some simple tips which you always keep in mind.

Tip no. 1: Develop healthy hair habits . The simplest solution to “How to make my hair grow faster and longer at home” is hydration. If you want to grow healthy locks, use a shampoo that meets your hair type (normal, oily, damaged) regularly. Avoid excessive washing though, as it may strip the hair strands with its essential nutrients. It can also strain the scalp which in turn can damage the hair. Also, use a conditioner daily and treat yourself to a deep-conditioning treatment at least once a week. Lastly, use a wide toothed comb to remove the tangles in your wet hair.

Tip no. 2: Avoid hair-damaging materials . If you want to grow fuller hair, then you should try to minimize the damage that it gets from your everyday routine. Use blow dryers and / or straightening irons as infinitely as possible, as these materials can quickly dry the hair out. And dry hair is not just a struggle to maintain, it is also easily damaged. So if you have the time, air-dry your hair (ie using a fan) instead.

Also, if your hair is still wet, avoid pulling it in a tight pony. Dry your hair out first before tying it (refer to the abovementioned tips on how to properly dry your hair). Also, if you're going to tie your hair, avoid using uncoovered elastics. As much as possible, make use of ponytails which made of soft fabric.

Tip no. 3: Maintain a healthy lifestyle . Do not underestimate the power of healthy habits. If you really want to achieve those long locks then take care of your health. Eat food products that are rich in essential nutrients, sleep at least eight hours a day, and try to keep the stress at bay. In case you do not know, stress actually contributions to hair fall, which is a big no-no if you're trying to grow thicker locks. To manage your stress, take some time out of your work and engage in relaxing activities, like spa and aromatherapy.

These are just some of the ways on how to grow longer hair by your own means. Remember, with enough patience and discipline, you will finally come up with a solution to the dilemma, “How to make my hair grow faster and longer at home”