How to make your hair grow faster and longer? This may seem like a very complex question. But for people who take pride in how their hair looks, that question might as well double as a million dollar question. The fact is that a lot of people are struggling with making their hair grow faster. In fact, some of them are losing their hair faster than you can read this sentence. If you want to grow hair fast and to wear it long as well, then you'll need to check this article, a collection of some of the most effective tips in growing out hair.

  • Getting sufficient protein- Hair is made out of a protein called keratin. Conceivably, if you are getting enough protein into your system, your body has all of the needed building blocks to create hair, and inevitably make them grow faster. Eat enough protein, and you should have enough keratin to build some really long locks quickly.
  • Taking specific vitamins- Vitamins are known to play a large role in making a lot of bodily functions work properly. But did you know that it also plays a vital role in making hair grow faster and longer? This is because some of these vitamins, particularly biotin, are also involved in the process of growing hair. Have a sufficient supply of vitamins, and you can grow your hair surprisingly fast.
  • Using hot oil- For some people, taking hot oil treatments is nothing more than mere vanity. But reality is, there are true, tangible benefits of using hot oil. If you want to know how to make your hair grow faster and longer, then you must also try hot oil treatments. Usually made from natural ingredients, this ingredient can strengthen your hair markedly and make it shinier.
  • Avoid blowing drying- Sure, it is still advised that you properly dry your hair after baths and washing, but blow drying can be potentially damaging to your hair. The heat from a blow dryer can destroy the fibers of your hair, making it brittle and causing them to break and fall off. Air drying is a much better option.
  • Avoid using too many hair additives- Ingredients such as hair gels and hair sprays can help you arrange your hair. But using them too much can make the hair brittle in the long run, causing them to break. If you'll have to use them, limit them to specific occasions only.