The sheer joy of motherhood is inexplicable. You have waited so long for your angel to finally come out and now that you have safely delivered your first child, you've had the chance to look in the mirror and wonder, how to stop hair loss in women after pregnancy. You may be unaware about what's happening.

Every day, you lose lots of strands that there are already balding spots on your head at the moment. It is a good thing that your doctor has reassured you that you are quite healthy, so you did not jump into concluding that something may be wrong.

It is best that you learn more about the condition and find ways to conquer such, so that you can continue marveling at your newborn without getting bothered with your mane.

What you are going through is referred to as telogen effluvium or post-pregnancy hair loss. This is being experienced by about 50 percent of women who have given birth. While this may cause panic, especially when the balding spots become prominent, the condition is only temporary. You can help in relieving yourself from it by following essential guides on how to stop hair loss in women after pregnancy.

1. You have to eat right. Aside from getting prepped up for being a mother, you also have to eat the kinds of foods that will be beneficial for your mane and scalp. These include lots of fruits and vegetables, especially the kinds that have antioxidants and flavonoids that serve as protection of the follicles of your mane. These can also help in speeding up the process of growing your tresses.

You also need to take supplements and vitamins that contain elements that will be beneficial to your mane. Vitamins E, C, B complex and zinc help in making the mane healthier and stronger.

2. Look at your shampoo and make sure that you are using something that has silica or biotin. These ingredients help in stimulating the growth of the follicle and in making the mane stronger. You can use this on a regular basis and it is recommended that you rinse your mane with cold water for this step to become more effective.

3. Use a wide-toothed combed in styling your crowning glory. This will less the stress that your mane gets exposed to. As much as possible, you have to avoid pulling your mane in excess. It will help if you are going to stay away from styles that can stretch the mane, which can worsen the condition. While you are still dealing with the problem, it is best that you avoid styling your tresses in braids, weaves and rollers. Your scalp needs to relax at this time and it can not bear any more traumas.

4. Even though the tasks involve in being a mother are extremely stressful, you have to find ways to de-stress on a regular basis. Your emotions will also have a huge effect on your mane and when you are going too much stress, you will notice that there will be more strands that will fall off from your crop.

Motherhood is delightful, but it will be more fun if you will look and feel good about yourself as well now that the baby is out. You will benefit a lot from learning more about how to stop hair loss in women after pregnancy.