As the technology in the medical field progresses, the way of treatment in different kinds of disorders goes with it also. We all know that hair loss is an unexpected condition that can affect anyone. It can affect a person regardless on the gender, age and societal status. This previously dreaded condition can now be treated by new medical procedures that happen to stop its development, and at the same time stimulates new growth of hairs.

Without any doubt, hair refurbishment or hair transplant is the best option for hair loss treatment when you have lost the major of your hair. After having this operation, the new hair has a more natural look and is believed to last a lifetime. LaTely, with the high demand for hair transplants, the cost of hair grafts has been lowered by various medical clinics in order to cope up with the tight competition. Aside from having reasonable prices, clinics are now focused to provide high quality output to the restored hairs.

Hair renewal is a process where new hair follicles are surgically transplanted into the bald areas of the scalp in order to restore the hair permanently. About 1,000 to 3,000 hair grafts are needed for the process to take place, and since it is a medical procedure, a certain period for recovery is expected. The procedure is completed under sedation and local anesthesia, and usually takes a day to accomplish.

Although it is very effective, hair repair is suitable for those who are willing to go the procedure for it is rather expensive. The procedure is envisioned by some as an asset and gives you significant benefits in due course.

There are certain factors that contribute for a hair refurbishment cost. These are the following:

• Number of grafts and sessions needed to accomplish the procedure

• The certain procedure that will be used

• The location of where the surgery is performed (in some cases)

• The particular hair loss situation of the patient

The average cost for a hair transplant would usually fall in the price range of $ 2,500 to $ 9,000. Hair grafting procedure on the average has a $ 3 to $ 8 price range, with the average cost ranging from $ 5 to $ 6.

Hair renewal is undeniably a practical option compared to spending on wigs, toupees, weaves, magic hair-growth potions and other non-surgical treatments, which would normally take up to $ 10,000 annually. One would rather choose for a return-of-investment type of solution that gives natural and permanent results.