I sometimes hear from people who question whether or not they actually have telogen effluvium hair loss. And one reason for this is that their hair loss is not always constant. What I mean by that is that they may have a couple of very bad days where a lot of hair sheds followed by days that seem to offer up relatively normal hair loss. So they will start to worry that maybe they do not have a hair loss issue after all and sometimes they are dealing with something else.

I may hear a comment like: “I have been shedding out hair for about two months. Hopefully, I would have liked to have a good time, but I would have liked to wait. But, I have started to wonder if I am right about this. the blue, I will lose almost no hair for a couple of days. I've said the hair loss on the good days is actually less than what is normal for me. days? Or do you shed a lot of hair non stop until it ends one day and then returns to normal? ”

I can only speak about my experience with this. And I've read stories of people sharing the same. I did have days where my hair loss would be almost nothing. Sometimes, this would go on for several days and I would get so excited thinking that shedding was over. Unfortunately, after a little time passed, the shedding would start again again and sometimes it would be worse than ever as if it were making up for lost time.

And I'm pretty certain that what I had was telogen effluvium. However, there is another possibility that you can look at. You can ask yourself if the shedding increases or decrees with certain occasions or behaviors. Products can sometimes cause allergic reactions or inflammation that causes shedding. Obviously shampoos, hair dyes, and styling products are common culprits but make up or anything that you use on your hair, scalp, or even your face can sometimes cause problems that cause an inflammatory reaction that could lead to hair loss or shedding. Some people also have a reaction when they take a certain type of vitamins or medicines. I did used to get worse shedding when I would take certain supplements. I was able to confirm this by carefully recording what happened to my shedding when I would stop the supplement and start it again. I've even had people tell me that they noticed a correlation between stress and their shedding.

If you can not find any correlation between any products or behaviors, then it's absolutely possible that you're having normal fluctuations in shedding that can certainly happen during a bout of telogen effluvium. It's my experience that you are not going to have the same amount of hair loss every day. And yes, unfortunately, you can and sometimes do have good and bad days and this can keep happening until the condition finally ends. But try to be grateful for those good days because they will often offer you a much needed reprieve.