It will probably come as no surprise to many people that the male grooming market is on the increase. Compared to 20 and even 10 years ago, the number of male orientated grooming products has increased, as men become more aware of how they look.

There have been several surveys through 2012, all of which point to an increase in the male product market. The survey into male skin care routines by Kline and Company show that the male skin care market is on the increase. Gone are the days when skin care products were aimed and at women, now there are many products aimed towards men. In fact even the term metrosexual has changed, because now all sorts of mean are interested in beauty products.

When you look at the actual sale of male grooming products you can see that they really do speak for themselves. A survey by NPD group has shown a big increase in numbers when it comes to what has been and is being sold in the male beauty product range.

“Men's grooming tools are among the largest dollar growth drivers in the overall personal care industry and product categories like men's facial skincare continue to grow at a fast pace,” says the research firm in a release.

Many of these surveys were carried out across America, which is predicted to have sales of male cosmetics of over $ 2.3billion by 2016. That is up from $ 2.2 billion just a few years ago in 2006 – this trend shows no sign of stopping!

The European market looks set to follow in the USA's footsteps. In 2005 the male skin care industry across the five major markets was 'just' 289 million Euros. 5 years later this has increased to 420 million Euros across Germany, Italy, France, Spain and the UK – according to research carried out by Mintel.

Of course this increased interest in male beauty products has meant an increase in other areas of the industry. Men's electric shavers for example have sold 9% more this year than they did last year. Other body hair trimmers have seen similar increases in numbers, as men start to pay more interest in the way that they look.

Across this whole trend there is still one problem – men will not buy if they feel that the product is overly feminine. This way of thinking does not just refer to the product, but also where they can buy it from.

So – if you are wanting to release a male beauty product of any kind you have to make sure it appeals to men. Think about how you are marketing and where you are going to sell it, because it could have a massive affect on the amount that you sell and just how popular your product is.