We love the rains and the best part of it to sit by the terrace with a cup of hot coffee and crispy veggie nuggets. Monsoons have already started everywhere and with it the unending heavy shower. But even though we love the rains and the awesome climate, along comes the frizzy hair, the unmanageable itchy scalp and too much hair loss. With monsoon we face frequent hair problems, but if we follow certain strict guidelines to maintain our natural charm, then even the monsoons can not spoil the amount of fun we want to have.

Here are the top tips you should definitely follow during monsoons:

• Routine wash- With our hair before to drizzles every now and then the texture and scalp both are infected by bacteria. Make it customary to wash your hair every alternate day and massage regularly with oil twice every week. The massage would help the blood circulation at the hair follicles and the wash would keep the scalp clean and conditioned, thus preventing any kind of infection. Remember for benefits uses Max Care virgin coconut oil, olive oil, Argan oil or any others and mix it with a few drops of rosemary to garner better results.

• Home remedies: Go organic during monsoon and make use of your kitchen garden to keep your hair frizz free. The best way to keep your hair moisturized and soft is by using herbal products. Make a paste with banana and honey and apply it to your scalp for around 20 minutes and wash it off, this will keep your scalp oil free. You can also use Aloe Vera gel on your scalp to reduce dandruff and restore PH balance that would prevent split ends and itchy scalp.

• Keep note of your diet: Whether you want to keep control of your weight or you want to maintain your hair, diet plans are the most important thing. Your eating habit determines your health condition and diet plays a very important role when it comes to hair treatment. Always maintain a healthy diet with veggies and non vegetarian food in equal quantity of protein and nutrition for happy hour.

• Smart fashion sense: Every one of us faces bad hair day, but with monsoon, it occurs more frequently than ever. But do not fret because with few essential beauty tips you can rest in peace. Remember to tone down on your hair style products, especially pomade as it would leave your hair damaged. Try out the various braid styles as braiding your would keep it less damaged and also strengthen your hair follicles. Although styling rods are best friend when it comes to managing your mane, but keep them at bay during monsoon. Never forget your umbrella or water proof hat once you step out of your house.

• Relax and lighten up: Being stress free and keeping your mood not just increases your peace level, but also helps you keep hair fall in control. Follow a regular exercise routine along with yoga or meditation as it would be advantageous for your cardiovascular system, along with making your hair tissue stronger. Along with following regular hair oil, style and exercise routine also go for a vitamin checkup and keep the vitamin level in your body intake.