Experiencing hair loss can not be accepted easily, especially if its manifestation is sudden. Considered as a personal asset, the human hair has been an important representation of beauty, fashion, power and self-confidence in today's society. As the early signs of hair thinning show, one tends to be concerned with his own condition and as a result would immediately seek help.

Currently, we are sufficient enough for there are already several products and medications available in the market, which are intentally created for the prevention of baldness. Coming in different forms and ways of treatment, these new products claim that the offered features and formulas are effective in reducing, if not, reversing the effect of the condition.

New treatments for hair receding have been emerging in every corner of the world. Different brands represent these products, each having their so called “secret ingredient” that equally combats the hair loss development and offers instant hair regrowth.

Some of the newer medicines and products for treating hair baldness are the following:

• Minoxidil – one of the two FDA-approved medications for hair thinning. Serving as an inhibitor of the hair loss-initiating DHT hormone, it combats the hormone's triggering activity and promotes growth of hair. It is commonly available in forms of hair solution or foam.

• Finasteride – another medication approved by the FDA and also has the same purpose as that of Minoxidil. It is represented by its brand names Proscar and Propecia.

• Natural Hair Supplements – supplements that come in the form of capsules, which have ingredients derived from nature. Natural ingredients such as Saw Palmetto, Pygeum, Ginkgo Biloba, Nettle and Bay, Essential oils like lavender, Green tea, and Rangoli henna are effective in making the hair follicles active according to studies.

• Hair Regrowth Laser Solutions – laser-based hair loss treatment wherein it activates the follicles of the hair, thus, promoting the good circulation of blood in the scalp. Once the scalp has sufficient blood supply, oxygen can pass through it and encourages a good breeding atmosphere for the hair.

• Hair Transplants – involves relocating the follicles of hair from a contributor site into a receiving site of the scalp. The moved hair follicles are hereditary resistant to hair loss and have a 99 percent regrowth potential.

The aforementioned examples are just some of the new, modern medicines and techniques used for treating hair balding. We may never know what to expect in the future of hair loss treatment, but with intensive research and invention, this condition can not damage our crowning glory.