If there is one thing that most people dread when it comes to their hair, it would be hair loss. This is not an interesting topic for those with a full head of hair, however, to those who are currently suffering from hair loss; it should be given urgent attention. It is only normal to seek medications and treatment for this condition before it leads to permanent balding.

Various anti hair loss products are offered in different pharmacies, supermarkets and websites claiming to be effective in treating the hair loss condition. One of the most popular products usually purchased by customers is Nioxin. Widely known as a natural skin care provider with almost 24 years of expertise, Nioxin's advanced technologies greatly contributes to the hair care industry by providing products that make hair fuller and thicker-looking.

Founded in 1987 by its founder Eva Graham, the Nioxin method was conceptualized when after giving birth of her first child, Graham had experienced hair loss. This is where she began considering the idea of ​​using skin care methods in treating the scalp. The company has a commitment to innovate, which is supported by research, and to enable to help more than half of the world's population in battling the hair thinning condition.

Nioxin has designed a unique formula for every type of hair. Also, this one applies to its 3-part systems, where it is designed for maximizing the individual potential for the person's hair. It is revealed that 9 out of 10 people who used Nioxin noticed an increase in the density of hair based on an independent study. Nioxin Laboratories claim that hair loss is delayed or reversed once their products have cleaned the environmental residues and the dihydrotestosterone (DHT) hormone.

The three-part regimen involves the following:

• 1st Step: Cleansing – represented by the Nioxin Cleanser, wherein it deeply cleanses the scalp, eliminating the dirt and oil that is clogging the hair follicles. This product includes amino acids, proteins and vitamins that help in generating an atmosphere for hair regrowth.

• 2nd Step: Moisturizing – the “Conditioners” or Scalp Therapy represents this part. Not only that Scalp Therapy moisturizes the hair, but the skin of the scalp as well.

• 3rd Step: Nourishing – the product that is intended for this step is the Scalp Treatment or also called as the “Activator”. Frequently ignored and less utilized among the three, the step delivers vital nutrients and botanicals to the skin of the scalp. Scalp therapy is the step that drives results, thus, restoring skin's health and battling further buildup on the scalp.

Now, this is what we call the product that really works.