Ancient Wisdom: Natural Oils Can Prevent Hair Loss And Hair Thinning

Have you ever had your hair blocking a drain? There is a certain amount of hair loss that is considered normal: alopecia is diagnosed when you are losing more than a hundred strands of hair a day. Alopecia is the second leading cause of baldness in the USA, and it affects women too. If you're troubled by hair loss, you may want to try natural oils: they can not cure baldness, but they can help stop hair loss and promote hair growth.

The ancient wisdom of Ayurveda recommends scalp massage with warm (not hot!) Oil: chose between coconut, olive, almond, jojoba, canola, sesame or mustard oil. The massage should last for at least an hour, to promote body relaxation (stress can worsen the condition!), Stimulate circulation, and let the oils nourish those layers of your skin where hair follicles are located, regenerate the roots, and restore the natural hair moisture. You can also let the oil sit on your hair overnight, and wash it in the morning.

Natural oils that can stop hair loss include lavender, rosemary, sage, thyme, cypress and roman chamomile. Lavender, rosemary, sage, thyme, geranium, ylang ylang, cedar wood, cypress, and grapefruit oils are used to promote hair growth. Henna can be combined with mustard oil to use as a hair strengthening remedy.

What else can you do? Never comb your hair when it is still soaking wet, because its roots are at their weakest when they are wet. Instead of rubbing your hair with the towel, just gently dab the excess moisture from your hair. If you can, let it dry naturally – too hot air from a hair dryer can do a lot of damage to your hair. Did you know that taking hot baths can be damaging to your hair? It is true: since hot water opens your pores, the follicles become so brittle that they can cause the hair to fall out.

They say that your hair is the barometer of your overall health, so – take good care of yourself, keep stress at bay, have enough shut-eye, and follow a healthy diet (say goodbye to crash diets and remember to drink plenty of water !). In case you forgot, your hair is a living thing: do not fry it with excess heat and harsh chemicals! If you are still losing hair at an alarming rate, it may be time to either make peace with your genetic heredity, or pay a visit to a trichologist.

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Making The Transition To Wearing A Ladies Wig

Partial hairpieces are excellent, instant way of regaining a full head of hair. They can be ready-to-wear or custom made to meet your needs and address the level of hair thinning. A method called Hair Integration blends blending a custom-made hair piece with your own natural hair and the results can change your life, boost your confidence and help you lead a normal, active life. Hair Integration pieces are secured to your scalp and canker for several months with maintenance. However, if your type of hair loss is gradual and continuous, it may be necessary to consider a full coverage ladies wig. This can be a difficult decision from an emotional point of view. The idea of ​​wearing a full wig is cumbersome for many individuals. The concerns are that a wig will look unnatural, feel heavy or uncomfortable and fall off at any given moment. However, thanks to advances in hair technology, manufacturers are doing all they can to overcome these concerns …

For instance, a good quality ladies wig can be offered in synthetic, acrylic fiber which is silky and soft to touch – just like natural hair in good condition. Real hair wigs are also available and offer terrific styling versatility. In terms of wig hair density and comfort, ladies wigs come in a range of styles that are feathered, layered or graduated. Gone are the days of heavy, inflexible styles. Color choices are more sophisticated as quality manufacturers offer rooted products (where the roots are darker, like natural color-treated hair) and highlined or lowlined wigs with several colors in one product. Wearers find that opting for one shade lighter helps alleviate any 'heavy-looking' issue. Comfort is constantly being refined – lightweight bases can be made of breathable, natural fabrics that do not irritate the scalp. Lace front wigs offer a virtually invisible hair line so you can wear hair swept back if desired.

The security of a ladies wig is also constantly improving and evolving. Lots of wigs offer internal silicone strips for extra staying power, disguised clips and inner, discreet ties that very grip the head. Of course, a custom-made wig offers the ultimate security as it is molded to the exact shape of your head. A quality ladies wig should not slip or fall off accidentally and if you are at all concerned, your wig fitter will be able to add or modify the product to your needs.

A full coverage wig does not just offer the chance of restoring a beautiful head of hair. They are often so undetectable, that a wig can also provide you with the opportunity to lead a full, happy and active life. With a great, natural-looking wig, you do not have to worry about other people looking at your hair – unless of course it's pay to you a compliment!

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Hair Replacement Systems – A Viable Solution for Your Baldness and Thinning Hair

Put simply, a hair system is where thousands of hairs are attached to a base material. That base is then secured to your scalp for between 1 day and 6 weeks. Instantly, you have a full head of hair. This can all be achieved using advances and the latest, innovative technology.

Hair systems can be custom made or cut from a “stock” piece and they can cover your entire scallop or part thereof.

Of course, this is a simplification and later you will read about the many options available for you to customize your hair system according to your preferences and lifestyle.

It gets better. You can shower, swim, go to the gym and sweat just as you would with real hair. You can shampoo and style it and treat it like real hair because it is real authentic hair.

Nowadays, hair systems can look natural and discrete. You can have a great looking painless head of hair in slightly little time without the expense of a hair transplant.

At this point, I should add that the aim of a hair system can be boiled down to … giving you an undetectable way to regain a full head of hair that should – when done correctly – look as natural as REAL hair.

Regardless of what bald people, girlfriends or wives say, no wishes to be bald or suffer from thinning hair. We want to take pride in our appearance, feel fit and confident and those around us notice it first and most.

For some, hair is a sign of vigor and vitality and hair loss can start to make us think of aging, health issues and restrictions on what can be done and what can not be done.

I know that hair loss can be shattering. It can be a very anxious and uncertain time in your life. You start to shun social meetings and hide under hats because of embarrassment. It can effect your confidence, your relationships and indeed your whole outlook on life.

Let me be clear … there is not miracle pill, proportion, lotion or procedure that will cure your baldness. It can not be reversed with the existing science, but there are solutions to over it. Today I will present some of them and explain the drawbacks.

A hair system will give you a full head of hair – guaranteed. It not only my first choice, it's infact my only choice.

It gets better. You can shower, swim, go to the gym and sweat just as you would with real hair. You can shampoo and style it and treat it like real hair because it is real authentic hair.

Nowadays, hair systems can look natural and discrete. You can have a great looking painless head of hair in slightly little time without the expense of a hair transplant.

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How To Handle Hair Loss

In the past when someone had symptoms of hair loss panic usually stuck. There appeared to be no solution or if there was then it was expensive. With today's treatment plans being so affordable there are some easy and simple ways to stop the loss of hair. You will not have to suffer as a result of not knowing what type treatment will work for you.

With the trend of having well groomed hair as a reflection of self-worth experiencing any type of hair loss can be physically and emotionally devastating. Feelings of insecure may arise from the initial aspects of hair loss especially when socializing. The causes of a balding hair line whether the person is a male or female does not have to be a genetic issue.

Having a dramatic loss of hair that is rapid would need you to check with your doctor or a hair specialist as soon as you can. A doctor can check the condition of your hair and prescribe the proper type treatment plan that would be suited for your hair.

There are plenty of home grown treatments that a person can try but without a proper diagnosis they may not work as planned. Knowing the type of hair loss condition is important to identify. Getting the advice from a professional who knows what type of treatment plans is the best route to take. Whether it is an issue of women that suffer from thinning hair or men dealing with their hair loss there are treatments available.

If the hair loss is not of a serious nature then minor changes can be made such as eating more nutritious foods that will provide protein to your scalp. There are medications that you can take or better yet just finding out about some home grown solutions that will work for you. That will be explained to you a bit later.

Because of the psychological impact of losing hair for the first time in your life, it is definitely an emotional problem that needs to be addressed. People are not used to losing something they have had for all their lives. Now all of a mysterious there are strands of hair coming out daily in some of the cases. This type of situation needs to be deal with immediately. Making an appointment with your doctor or a specialist is the first step to recovery. The second step is to ensure that you get enough sleep and start eating well.

Those are the basic tenets that everyone has to follow to stop the loss of hair. Reducing the stress in your life is also a good antidote to the loss of hair. Reducing stress also dampens the emotional issues that crop up because of hair falling out. Whether the hair is thinning out or blatantly falling out this situation needs to be deal with in a calm and directed manner.

The less stress that we have in our lives the less of everything else we will have. Not only from being overly nervous, high blood pressure to of course hair loss. Working out the root cause of hair loss can take a long time but if you end some of the basic issues that affect hair loss then it's a much easier recovery process. Living a life that is relaxed will prove to be beneficial in so many other ways as well.

Once getting into the full treatment for hair loss a lot of emphasis will be given to the foods that you eat. Iron is going to be one of the key ingredients that need to supplement your diet for your hair to start growing back. Iron is contained in a lot of foods and incorporating those foods into your diet is a great way to keep it going for a lifetime. Protein is another nutrient that is contained in foods like fish, cheese, nuts and seeds. Nutritious meals can be planned with the focus on iron and protein to supplement the current diet that you will be on.

There will be a variety of do it yourself remedies that may work. Trying these options will not interfere with any prescribed medications if you end up with that line of recovery. But remedies such as pouring green tea (cold of course) over your hair can inhibit loose hair strands from coming loose. The antioxidants contained within green tea also are a beneficial by product that can stimulate the scalp as well.

In fact there are some natural and healthy ways that you can try to alter the effect of hair loss where you can get the ingredients from your local store. Did you know that?

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I Don’t Know If The Hair I See On My Head Is Regrowth Or Thinning Hair

I sometimes hear from folks who really hope that they are seeing regrowth after a bout of hair loss or shedding. The problem is that they can not be sure what type of hair they are looking at. They often see wispy, thin, and short hairs that could possibly be either regrowth or hair that has thinned or become miniaturized. Of course, most people hope that they are seeing regrowth, but they can not be sure.

To that end, you may hear a comment like: “I had a horrible bout of what I believe is telogen effluvium. I lost a lot of weight a couple of months ago and I think that this is what bought on the shed. really bad for a while but it seems to have gotten better. When I pull back my bangs and when I look at the top of my head, I see some tiny little baby hairs that appear to be coming in. My first inclining is that these but they look a little sickly. They are thinner than the rest of my hair. My father is thinning. I tell which one I'm looking at? ”

I agree that it can be difficult. And fear of the unknown can make you begin to worry that you are only seeing what you want to see. Here are a couple of things to look at to help you determine if you are looking at regrowth or miniaturization.

Is The Hair More Thick In Diameter Closer To The Scalp ?: Some people are lucky enough to have really robust, and normal looking regrowth. What I mean by this is that even if they are growing in short, baby hairs, those hairs are normal in diameter and they are the normal thickness of a regular hair. But some of us are not so lucky. Many people have commented that their regrowth came in fine at first but then it thickened up as it grew. I had some areas of my scalp where I noticed this as well. In this case, you might notice that the hair is thicker the closer to the scalp that it is.

Is The End Tapered Or Blunt ?: This observation is not always going to be applicable. But sometimes, this information is very helpful. Generally speaking, regrowth hair has a tapered end. The reason for this is that you have not cut this hair, so it will not have that blunt, straight across end. Now, if you are looking at miniaturized hair that has been cut, that hair will almost always have a blunt end. But if you are looking at a tapered end, then you are either dealing with regrowth hair or you have not cut that hair yet. As I said, this will not always be applicable, especially if your hair is longer and you do not cut it regularly. But if the hair is blunt or cut straight across, the chances are good that it's not regrowth, unless you just got a hair cut and the stylist cut those baby regrowth hairs for some reason.

Do The Feather Test: This is not scientific by any means. In fact, I'm not a specialist of any kind. This is just something that I developed myself. This comes from my own observations during my own bout with hair loss. Hopefully, you find it helpful and applicable. I had a couple of areas on my head that were miniaturized and were different from those thin baby hairs that were regrowth. I plucked hairs from both areas of my head and I compared them. Although the regrowth hairs were more thin than my regular hairs, the miniaturized hairs were just so much more light weight. If I took the hair and held it between my fingers and then moved my hand in an upward motion to make the hair fly up, the miniaturized hairs would float down like a feather. They did not have enough weight to make them come down naturally. They would short of hover and float where the regrowth hairs would come down more slowly than normal hairs, but they would not float.

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The Best Use Of Real Hair Extensions

An experienced consultant will confirm that extensions will enhance the volume, length and overall appearance of natural hair. The success of this however relies on strong, existing natural hair that is even distributed across the scalp.

It's a fact that extensions place stress on the follicle and natural hair must be strong enough to with glueing or bonding. Strong hair is not simply about maintaining a good external condition. Hair is composed of protein – therefore a protein-rich diet can promote the growth of healthy, strong hair. Consider boosting your internal protein levels by incorporating eggs, nuts, chicken, beef and cheese into your diet.

Good quality real hair extensions are supplied in the form of clip-in extensions or bonded. The benefit of clip-in is that they place less strain on natural hair and offer more versatile styling options. Clip-in extensions can be applied in a matter of minutes. Bonded extensions take several hours to apply, using a special heated bonding appliance. Only a trained expert should apply your extensions and, done properly, the extensions can last for several months.

A qualified hair loss consultant will also confirm that the best use of extensions is for cosmetic purposes – in other words, to boost length and overall appearance of your hair. Unfortunately extensions are not an effective solution to overcome hair loss or severe thinning on the crown. Many individuals opt for extensions as a first port of call to restore or enhance their hair – but if growth is patchy on top of the scalp, extensions will not conceal the problem. In addition, because of the stress that the product places on hair follicles, there is a real risk of further hair loss occurring.

If you are experiencing patchy hair loss ie a form of alopecia – then it is important to firstly seek advice from your GP. Alopecia has several variations – alopecia areata is very common and looks like small patches of hair loss across the scalp. You will most likely be recommended alternative hair restoration solutions. This does not necessarily mean you will need a full coverage wig. Thanks to advances in technology, a new non-surgical procedure called Hair Integration can restore the appearance of your hair by blending natural hair with a color-matched, real hair enhancement. This is a custom-made procedure and the end result is an instant, full head of hair. Many individuals who discover they can not wear real hair extensions really benefit from undergoing Hair Integration.

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Valuable And Non-Surgical Ways To Enhance Your Hair

One of the most popular ways to boost hair length is through the use of clip-in hair extensions. Manufactured using good quality, silky 100% human hair, this product offers wearers unpreceded styling versatility. Normally supplied in four strips or 'wefts' of different lengths, clip-in extensions can be applied in a matter of minutes – at home or on the go. Furthermore, they do not need to be professionally applied – although it is advisable that an experienced consultant guides you through the first application. The wefts should be fitted from the base of the neck – using the shortest weft – working up to the top of the ear, leaving 1.5 inches between each weft. Tiny clips are sewn into the top of each weft and are normally very discreet or concealed. It should be noted that clip in extensions are best used for adding length to existing, strong, natural hair. Natural hair should also be evenly distributed across the scalp.

If you would like a more permanent, cosmetic boost to your hair length, you could also opt for bonded real hair extensions. This involves using heated glue to fuse extensions to your natural hair and results last for several months. The stress on the follicles is quite considerable however and again, natural hair should be strong and even distributed on the scalp. Unfortunately clip-in extensions and real hair extensions are not suitable if you are experiencing hair loss at the crown. However, there is an incredibly non-surgical way to enhance hair loss and it involves a painless procedure called Hair Integration.

Hair Integration is a relatively new phenomenon that enhancements hair without the use of surgery or the need for a full coverage wig. The process begins by the design of a custom-made hairpiece for the top of the head. This is converted into a piece of ultra-fine mesh, which color-matched, luxury real hair is attached. The piece is secured to the scalp and natural hair is then threaded through and blended with the integration hair. The result is a fuller head of hair. Not only is the appearance of hair boosted – but wearers also report a boost in confidence and self-esteem. Hair Integration does not feel like a wig, physically or psychologically.

Other ways to enhance your hair include partial or three-quarter hair pieces that are fitted like a hairband, slightly back from the hairline. Nowadays, full coverage wigs are available in ready-to-wear and up-to-date styles, either in real hair or silky fiber hair, in a myriad of colors. Wigs can also be custom-made, colored and styled to suit your specific needs. These are often created using real hair and offer unparallel fit and comfort.

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Choosing the Right Hairpiece For Yourself

Today more and more people like to put on hair extensions to make them different and pop culture has made hair extensions trendy. You will find that the top celebs can go from short hair to long hair overnight. Most people can not afford salon hair extensions because they are so expensive. So fake hair becomes popular.

If you check out online, you will find out many stores for wigs and hair extensions, and the price of them can range from $ 100 to $ 1000. There are so many kinds of hairpieces, what type should you purchase?

The first thing you need to decide is the material. There are wigs made out of human hair or synthetic hair. To make your decision, you need to consider two things first: 1. How much time do you want to devote to keep your wig? 2. How often do you wear the hairpiece?

Wigs made out of synthetic hair are abundant on the internet, but not all the synthetic fibers are the same quality. Some wigs are made of cheap fiber and do not look natural.

If your wig is for daily wear or a special occasion, you need to choose a wig that looks natural. You can find quite a lot of modern synthetic hairpieces that look like they have grown out of your scalp online!

Nowadays, the synthetic hair comes in different colors and looks amazing. and the most important thing for most consumers is that it is very cheap.

So for budget-conscious consumers, synthetic hair is an ideal option. If you go out for a special night, synthetic hair is also a good choice to make you special. Due to the fact that the curl pattern is “baked” into the fiber, synthetic hair can hold the curl pattern better than real hair.

Most wigs come from China and Europe and generally speaking, the best quality hair comes from Europe, so wigs from Europe cost more than the ones from Asia. Wigs made of European hair look natural and feel softer, and they can last longer as well. If a wig is made of human hair and does not specify where it is from, then it is most likely from Asia.

If you want to do a good investment, then you had better choose human hair wigs. They can be quite expensive, but they are easy to be colored and cut and wigs made out of human hair have a natural feel. The human hair wigs need to be washed and cared for after every use and the maintenance can be a time-consuming commitment; so if you are so busy, a synthetic hair wig is a better choice.

Anytime, if you are not tight of budget and want a wig as a fashion accessory, then it is suggested to have synthetic wigs and human hair wigs in different styles. and you can enjoy what wigs will bring to you freely.

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Hair Transplant Follicular Unit Transfer (FUT) Or Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)?

Which One Is Better For Me?

One of the most common questions I am asked today is wherever to have FUT otherwise known as the strip harvest procedure or FUE otherwise known as follicular unit extraction. In this article I would like to address the advantages and disadvantages of each.

FUT is a procedure where donor hair is harvested by excising a small strip of hair from the back and sides of the scalp and dissecting the strip into individual follicles for transplantation into thinning areas of the scalp. Typically sutures or staples are used to close the scalp. I also perform a trichophysical closure which allows hair to grow through the scar further concealing it. The scar that usually results from this procedure is about 1-3mm in width and the length is determined by the amount of follicles harvested. In rare cases the scar can be larger due to infection or poor healing. In this procedure the hair can be left longer above and below the harvest region which allows the hair to comb down and completely conceal the donor scar immediately after the procedure. In follow up procedures every attempt is made to include the original scar in the new strip so that the patient only has a single scar in their scalp and not train track scars.

FUE is a procedure where a small drill (usually between 8mm-1.1mm) is used to individually harvest one follicle at a time. This may be performed by hand with special tools or machine with the new ARTAS system or Neograft machine. In order to harvest these follicles the hair must be shaved close to a # 0 cut so it basically requires the patient to shave all the hair on the back and sides of their head. This procedure leaves tiny white dots where each follicle is harvested from and also decrees the overall density of the donor hair on the back and sides of the scalp.

The main advantage of FUE is that it should allow the patient to shave their hair down to a # 1 or # 2 cut, whereas with FUT typically a # 3 or # 4 cut is as short as the patient can go before the strip scar is visualized. When measuring the actual scarring caused by these procedures, the scarring in FUE is 7-10 times greater than the scarring from FUT. The main difference is that the FUE scarring is diffuse (scattered through the scalp) while the scarring from FUT is localized in the area of ​​the strip. What this also means is that the patient's “donor bank” that is the permanent hair on the back and sides of the scalp available for future procedures, is less when the patient begins with FUE as opposed to FUT. This is because with FUT a small strip is taken and the rest of the donor zone is unscathed. We can usually go back to the same area in the scalp multiple times, but if not, there is often space above or below the original incision to take a new strip. With FUE, you can only harvest so many follicles from the back and sides before the donor hair begins to appear too thin.

Because of the increased labor involved, FUE is typically about twice the cost of FUT.

Finally, there is a wide range of proficiency with FUE and not all physicians are well versed in the technique. Because of this, the results with FUE are much more variable than FUT and often patients experience lower growth rates with FUE versus FUT.

I instruct my patients that if you are destined to have a minor degree of hair loss over your lifetime and wearing your hair at a # 1 or # 2 hair style is important, then FUE is probably the correct procedure for you. But if you wear your hair at a # 3 cut or longer and are likely to require a large number of donor grafts over your lifetime than FUT may be a better option.

There are many new companies today selling expensive machines to automate the FUE process. They market these machines as not even requiring the physician to operate them. All prospective patients need to beware of this and ensure that an experienced hair transplant surgeon is performing their procedure and not a technician. In addition, do not believe the hype that these companies are advertising that FUE is scarless. It actually creates more scarring when measured per centimeter, the only difference is that it is pinpoint diffuse scarring as opposed to the linear focused scarring in FUT.

Take the time to understand all the differences between the two procedures before deciding which is best for you.

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How Do I Know If The Sickly Regrowth I’m Seeing Are Regrowth Or Miniaturized Hairs?

I sometimes hear from folks who have conflicting feelings about the hair that they see finally growing in after a bout of aggressive shedding. On the one hand, they are relieved to see some regrowth. But on the other, the regrowth does not appear to be particularly thick and healthy. If anything, it looks somewhat thin and sickly.

I might hear a comment like: “My hair has been shedding for over four months. The other day, I was combing my hair back and I saw little hairs sticking up. I was excited because I thought this meant that my hair was growing back Later, I was showing it to one of my friends. She has gone through hair loss too. And she said that it looked to her like miniaturization rather than regrowth. I have lost the most hair. I admit that they do look thin. But what is the difference between miniaturized hair and regrowth? ”

Well, at the most basic level. Regrowth should and hopefully will become normal, healthy hair once it has some time to gain length and to grow. In the best case scenario, regrowth happens on a healthy scalp that is free of androgen sensitivity and which also has normal follicles to support it. When all of these things are in place, the hair (which may look a little thin at first) will go onto become a normal hair and should replace the hair that was shed out quite nicely. Sure, it only grows at the rate of about a half an inch per month, but over time, it will replace what was lost.

On the other hand, if the hair attempts to come in through the route of a follicle that has been compromised by its sensitivity to androgens and, as a result, has shrunk, then this hair is destined to be compromised and damaged. And this is going to manifest itself in that hair's appearance. Typically, the hair will be thin, fine, and lighter in both weight and color than the other more normal hairs on the scalp. This is a miniaturized hair and it is more likely to be in a high androgen area on the scalp like the temples, crown, or top. That's not to say that some people do not lose all of their hair in severe situations and become thin or bald all over. But since we're talking about a woman here, it would be more likely to see miniaturization on those select androgen sensitive places on the scalp.

So how do you know that what you are looking at is regrowth or miniaturization? Well, short of plucking the hair and checking it out closely, you can look at the totality of the situation and try to make a very educated guess. If the hair is still short, there is a very good chance that you are looking at regrowth. Because although miniaturized hair can become more fine, it is not going to become shorter unless you get a hair cut. So if you're looking hair that is only a couple of inches long, chances are that you are looking at regrowth. Now, regrowth can be miniaturized, but you'll typically need to give it a couple of months to grow in order to be sure. Hair can grow in a little fine and thin and then thicken as it grows. This does not always happen, but I would not call it rare either.

Also, if you are a woman and the hair is in a non androgen are like the sides or bangs, the chances are going to be less that it is miniaturization. Of course, it's not impossible to see that in these areas, but it is definitely less likely.

Finally, if the hair is lighter in color, looks sickly and is longer in length, then it's possible that it is miniaturization. Look at the hair around the area in question. It's more likely to see the whole area affected rather than just a single strand of hair or two if you are dealing with miniaturization.

But to answer the original question, regrowth is the normal (albeit short) hair that you are going to see growing back after a bout of shedding. Miniaturization is compromised and damaged hair that is the result of a hair loss condition like androgenetic alopecia. Both can look a little thin when it is first coming in. But in a couple months time, healthy regrowth will look like a normal hair in both color and diameter while a miniaturized hair generally will not.

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Popular Home Remedies For Healthy Hair

Thick, voluminous and lustrous hair contributes a lot in enhancing the beauty of a woman. There are several factors that contribute to healthy hair growth. Hair loss has become a very common problem with both men and women in present times. Many men suffer from baldness at a very early stage in their life. There are many hair products available in market that claim to be the best in making hair healthy and shiny. One should not blindly trust these products as they may cause harm to your hair. The best way to naturally boost hair growth is by trying several hair care home remedies.

People since ancient times have tried and tested various things that are easily available at home to treat all hair related problems. You do not need to spend thousands of rupees to get clinical treatments which also lead to many side effects. Home remedies are easy, cost effective and cause no harm to your hair.

Some of the popular home remedies for hair care are:

– The best way to treat your hair naturally is by having a balanced diet. Including things like green vegetables, egg, vegetable oils, honey, fruits, nuts, grains and milk can prevent hair loss.

– Onion Juice is said to be very effective for the growth of hair. This is one of the oldest and probably the most effective home remedy. You just need to apply it on your scalp for 15 minutes and then rinse it off with a mild shampoo.

– Eggs have been used since ancient times to cure hair loss. They are rich in proteins, sulphur, zinc, iron and phosphorus.

– Fenugreek seeds accelerate growth of hair and also help in protecting its natural color. Add 2 teaspoon of coconut oil in 1 teaspoon of fenugreek paste and leave it on your head for 30 minutes. Wash it off with a mild shampoo to get smooth and shiny hair.

– Coconut milk is best to have healthy and damage free hair. It is rich in iron, potassium, proteins and fats. Apply coconut milk on the affected area of ​​your head. Keep it overnight and wash off with a mild shampoo the next day.

– Green tea is rich in antioxidants which help in preventing hair loss. Apply warm green tea on your scalp and leave it for an hour. It is very effective in having a healthy scalp to promote hair growth.

– Indian gooseberry comes with magical properties to treat any hair related problem. It is very rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C.

Some other home products which can be used for hair growth includes, cumin seeds, garlic, coconut oil, olive oil and red henna.

No matter which method you adopt, it is very important to have a healthy diet and drink plenty of water.

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Hair Transplant Services – Learn The Secret!

In order to keep up with the growing demand for hair transplant services, many hair restoration clinics have mushroomed through the world. It is here where you will be able to find more information about the techniques used; how effective they are and how you can easily treat and manage hair loss. If your problem is losing hair, then there are also various ways you can use to avoid being rendered bald-headed at a tender age.

Hair transplant is the only option for young people who are going through the difficulties of trying to come to terms with the menace of losing hair. With many nations competing with each other in terms of industrial supremacy, we are left with nothing but to devise ways to help us cope with the highly polluted atmosphere (filled with toxic and dangerous minerals). More often than not, young people turn bald-headed at a very tender age making it difficult to tell the difference between the old and the young.

Baldness in young people can also be blamed on certain diseases. However, numerous medical centers have been established to help individuals restore their lost hair and make them look younger and attractive as before. Hair transplant is primarily the best and reliable way to go if you are looking forward to the most effective hair restoration. There are thousands and thousands of hair transplant companies which main objective is to provide services to their clients regarding hair loss. However, it is important to ensure that you only seek these services from companies you trust; companies that have been in the field for a long time.

Time and again, people have found themselves at cross-roads; Many companies have come up with new methods in this respect. Well, to be on the safe side, always opt for a company which staff is ready to offer in-depth editing skills on the process to help you understand your current condition and the benefits you are likely to enjoy thereafter. Hair transplant has proven worthy it and many people across the world enjoy hair restoration services that help them maintain their youthful and glamorous looks.

Different people have different hair textures and there symptoms of hair loss also vary significantly. Thus taking advice from experts in advance is the only way of achieving the best results. Hair transplant takes into account the current condition of your hair as the first step of the hair restoration process. With a team of experts at your service, you will always feel comfortable while they work it out on you. Having come a long way, the process is now headed for a new era of technical novelty.

Looking at the turn of events, it is evident that new techniques are turning the older ones into total obsolesteness. Hair transplant incorporates both mini and micro grafting methods of hair restoration. The fact that the older techniques leave the patient less attractive, it is high time companies embroidered these new techniques which are now going viral everywhere in the world. It is the only way to ensure a natural appearance to the victim.

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Smart Hair Stem Cell Therapy Alleviates Your Concerns for Hair Loss

Tired of staring at your baling pate every morning? Looking for effective and reliable ways of getting rid of your hair loss woes?
Think stem cell therapy for hair loss.

People dedicated to the cause of providing hair stem cell treatments are now sweating by the same. Equipped to tackle the symptoms of several chronic diseases, skin related issues and other problems alike, hair stem cell treatment is a cost effective way of helping people get rid of their hair loss woes and regenerating new hair-the cost effective way.

Apart from providing higher levels of confidence and a sense of self esteem, hair stem cell treatment goes a long way in allowing hair follicles to develop new hair and helping patients get rid of their baldness.

So, if you are waiting to say “hello” to a much more youthful looking and a “hairier” you, then read on an insight into why you should choose this method of treatment for your hair loss problems.

Degeneration of Cells

At the very outside, it is important to understand that cells are the building blocks of your hair. The active hair cells work overtime to generate healthy hair growth and prevent any signs of balding. However, over a period of time, these cells start degenerating and are no longer capable of encouraging hair growth-in line with their earlier rate. In case of the incidence of any chronic disease or ailment, the process of hair re-generation is further affected-in a negative way.

Stem Cell Therapy for Hair

Hair stem cell therapy is a smart way of involving the stem cells of the body to replace the degenerated cells. So, if you are fast losing hair, then this therapy will help in regenerating the dead cells present on your head-those that are responsible for your baldness.

Very soon, you will find your bald patches becoming gray and thereafter, the natural process of hair growth starts all over again. Regular research and development techniques in this regard are targeting the cause of hair cell stem therapy in India.

A Closer Look

You may want to take a quick peep into what exactly takes place when these products are injected into your body-directly into the places where new cells need to replace the dead and inactive cells in the skin, hair or body. Once they access the targeted area, the contents of the injection start bringing about a change in the growth factors responsible for encouraging the growth of more active hair cells. These new cells then replace the damaged and dead ones and heal the affected areas of the scalp.

So, are you ready to go through the processes of hair cell stem therapy and bring back your once youthful appearance -the right away?

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Reversing Hair Loss With Diet – Are You Eating Right?

Scalp infections, stress, frequent styling (heat styling and coloring) and excessive use of chemical-based products are few factors that cause hair to fall out. However, in most cases, it is a consequence of vitamin and mineral deficiency caused by a poor diet or faulty eating habits.

If you are tired of having to sweep clumps of mane everyday and dread the idea of ​​going bald, you should think of reexamining your diet. Eating a hair growth diet will help restore a luscious crown. So, here's a list of foods that prevent hair loss. Check against it to see if you are eating right.

Foods to Eat To Reverse Hair Fall

Proteins – Proteins are the building blocks of skin and hair. It strengthens the shaft and thus reduces breakage. Here, you should double your intake of protein if you desire healthy mane. Protein-rich foods you can add to your diet include dairy products such as yogurt, cheese, tofu and milk, eggs and lean meats like fish and chicken. If you are on a weight loss diet, you can choose low-fat options.

Minerals – Minerals such as iron, zinc, copper, calcium and silica also play a crucible role when it comes to the health and growth of hair.

  • Iron – Iron carries oxygen to the different organs of the body including the follicles. In its absence the follicles do not get adequate nutrition and produce weak shafts. Iron also previsions pigmentation. You can fulfill your daily requirement of the iron by eating dry fruits such as raising, figs and apricots, dates, green leafy vegetables, whole grain cereals, liver and red kidney beans.
  • Zinc – Zinc regulates a number of body functions including the health of hair and skin. It promotes regrowth and keeps dandruff and other scalp infections at bay. Zinc is found in abundance in chickpeas, almonds, lentil, walnuts, brown rice and sea food.

Copper, silica and calcium are also equally important in preventing hair loss as iron and zinc. Copper along with iron retains hair color while silica and calcium strengthen the shaft. Potato skin, Oatmeal green and red peppers, bean sprouts and cucumbers contain of silica in high proportions while milk and other dairy products are rich sources of calcium.


A hair growth diet should include the following Vitamins in the right proportion.

  • Vitamin A – Vitamin A is a tricky vitamin. It causes hair fall both when deficient and when consumed in excess. Here, it should be included in the right proportion.
  • Vitamin B – The B-group vitamins, especially B3, B6, B5 and B12, are most important group of vitamins for the growth and health of hair.
  • Vitamin C & E – Vitamins C and E improve circulation and thereby stimulate the follicles. Vitamin C also enables better absorption of iron in the body.
  • Vitamin D – Along with nourishing the hair shaft, Vitamin D also enables absorption of calcium in the body.

Other Tips to Reverse Hair Loss

Along with focusing on a hair growth diet, there are a few other tips that will keep hair fall to a minimum. It includes:

  • Aviding styles such as cornrows and tight ponytails as they exert pressure on the scalp.
  • Restricting the use of heat and chemical products such as dyes.
  • Using vitamins and minerals in the supplement form.
  • Oailing the hair. Oailing the hair has shown positive results not only reducing breakage but also improving its look. Experts recommend olive oil for hair growth.

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Why Don’t Hair Transplants Work for Women?

Acres of headlines have been devoted to male celebrities under hair transplant surgery recently. But there has also been a rise in the number of women seeking advice about surgical hair restoration techniques to combat the effects of female pattern baldness too.

However many experts believe that despite hair loss surgery may result in dramatic regrowth in some cases, for women the success rates are much lower in general. The results of hair transplant surgery can be variable for both men and women as clearly demonstrated by Wayne Rooney who has undergone multiple operations.

Fortunately there are other treatments that may be more helpful in promoting natural hair regrowth for both men and women.

The problem of patterns

Female pattern baldness is caused by the same genetic predisposition as the male variant. The hormone testosterone is converted in the androgen DHT which then attacks hair follicles in the scalp, inhibiting growth of new hair cells in the follicles. As growth stops, the hair fall out.

In men, pattern baldness manifests as a receding hairline, the development of a bald spot at the crown or a combination of both. The signs of male pattern baldness are easily recognized and measured by experts using the Norwood-Hamilton scale to define how advanced the hair loss is.

In women however, pattern baldness does not tend to manifest as distinct bald patches, but as more of a general thinning across the entire scalp. Known as diffuse thinning, this devolved hair loss makes surgical intervention much more difficult.

Distributed hair loss makes transplants risky

Where men have distinct patches of bald scalp that can be transplanted with healthy hair follicles, the distributed nature of female pattern baldness means that healthy hair follicles will need to be removed prior to a transplant. If the new cells fail to grow hair as hoped, the woman undergoing surgery may be left in a worse condition than before the operation.

The hair follicles at the sides and rear of the scalp appear to be more DHT resistant in men, which is why they are used for hair transplants. Diffuse thinning in women however means that there is no increased resistance to DHT in any specific area of ​​the scalp, making it almost impossible to select a strip of hair follicles for re-implantation as part of a transplant operation.

Because of these variants, hair transplants in women are subject to a much higher failure rate. Women affected by pattern baldness will instead need to seek advice from a qualified hair loss expert who will be able to discuss all of the available options and create a custom treatment plan tailored to the specifics of their hair loss condition.

Men too should consider a medications-based treatment plan before choosing surgery. Transplant operations carry no guarantee of success, and could be a costly mistake that further harms the hairline.

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