Best Home Remedies To Treat Dandruff (Part 2)

Is your dandruff problem troubling you too? Want to get rid of it permanently? In the last part of this article we discussed 5 home remedies to cure dandruff, let's discuss some more.

Take a look these amazing home remedies that will end your dandruff problem easily.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar Can Be Utilized To Cure Dandruff At Home

It can be a bit tricky to treat dandruff problem at home. For dandruff and hair fall problem, apple juice vinegar is one of the best home solutions. Figure out how to use apple juice vinegar to treat dandruff:

  • Make a mixture of equivalent amounts of water and apple juice vinegar, and then put it aside.
  • After a normal hair wash that you have daily, apply the paste on your wet hair.
  • Leave it on for 15 minutes after massaging it properly on your scalp before rinsing it off with cold water.

  • Use Henna Or Mehndi To End Dandruff

Use this easy remedy to cure your dandruff problem effectively. Henna makes your hair soft, while lemon juice works wonderfully for treatment of dandruff.

  • Make a combination of Henna or Mehndi with tea juice, curd and a small amount of lemon juice.
  • Allow this paste to blend by keeping it as rough for eight hours.
  • Apply the paste on your hair and scalp.
  • Wash it off completely, after leaving it on your head for around 2 hours.

  • Neem Juice Is An Excellent Dandruff Remedy

Anti-bacterial properties are present in Neem and it is an excellent cure for your dandruff problem. The strategy given below is easy and simple:

  • Mash a pack of Neem leaves to get a thick paste.
  • Use this paste by applying it on your head and allow it to settle for 15 minutes.
  • After 15 minutes, rinse the paste with a high quality shampoo and cold water.

  • Multani Mitti

Multani mitti re-establishes health of your hair. This basic dandruff cure utilizing multani mitti provides you delicate, silky & shiny hair which has no trace of any dandruff.

  • By using multani mitti create a thick paste with help of water and a small amount of lemon juice.
  • You need to apply this paste on you head and allow it to settle down for around 30 minutes.
  • Rinse off the paste by using mild shampoo and cold water.

  • Orange Peel Pack

Orange peel is a reliable dandruff cure that can be applied at home. Take a look on how to do it:

  • Use a food processor to crush, mash and grind orange peel, also use some orange juice in it.
  • Make a paste by mixing the mashed orange peel and orange juice.
  • Apply this paste on your head and leave it for 30 minutes before rinsing it off with cold water.

Final Thoughts : People might not think of Dandruff as something dangerous, but if they leave it untreated for a long time, then dandruff might result in destroying their hair. If you're dealing with the problem of hair loss, then a hair transplant is an ideal treatment for you.

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Best Home Remedies To Treat Dandruff (Part 1)

There's no doubt that dandruff can be a fairly humidifying, embarrassing and certainty brings down confidence. However, you'll be surprised to know that it is not a serious problem in most of the cases. This is the reason why you need to consider spending cash at a salon, only after you've made an attempt to cure it at home. It's good to know that you can cure it with the ingredients already present in your kitchen.

Dandruff, scientifically known as seborrhoea, focuses on the scalps of numerous individuals, regardless of their age. Besides that, it prompts other skin problems like acne and pimples. Before we can examine how to get rid of dandruff, how about we know what causes it. Dry skin, bad hair brushing and shampooing, stress and bad eating habits, will make your scalp more inclined to get dandruff. Now, you know a bit about the causes of dandruff, so let's discuss how to fight it.

Here are simple home remedies that will cure your dandruff problem:

  • Remedy # 1 – Massage With Coconut Oil And Lemon

Coconut oil is known to provide nourishments to the hair; on the other hand, lemon juice trees dandruff at home without utilizing unsafe chemicals. Take a look at the easiest and the simplest dandruff remedy:

  • Take 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and heat it with the same amount of lemon juice.
  • Massage your scalp delicately with the combination.
  • Leave it on your head for 20 minutes before cleaning it with a shampoo.

  • Remedy # 2 – Fenugreek Pack

Fenugreek seeds are utilized in this remedy. Here are the directions to utilize fenugreek pack to remove dandruff:

  • Soak a small quantity of fenugreek (methi) seeds in water and leave it in overnight.
  • Next day, remove the water and crush the mellowed seeds to make a paste.
  • Apply the paste on your head and leave it for around 60 minutes.
  • Rinse it off by utilizing a high quality shampoo.

  • Remedy # 3 – Use Curd

Yes, you might think it's a bit messy, but applying curd to remove dandruff from your hair is quite effective. Here are the steps to treat dandruff problem by using curd:

  • Apply curd to your hair and scalp.
  • Allow it to settle down on your skin and leave it for an hour.
  • Use a shampoo to clean it with cold water.

  • Remedy # 4 – Use Baking Soda

Treatment of Dandruff can be done using baking soda also. To know how to use baking soda for dandruff treatment use read below:

  • Make your hair wet.
  • Rub a spoonful baking soda on wet hair.
  • Wash it off, after leaving it on for 60 to 90 seconds.

  • Remedy # 5 – Tea Tree Oil

Using tea tree oil is an excellent approach to cure dandruff. Here are instructions on how to use tea tree oil to cure dandruff:

  • Use a couple drops of tea tree oil and massage your scalp with it.
  • Allow it to settle down for 5 minutes.
  • Use a good quality shampoo to wash it off.

Final Thoughts : Dandruff may not look very dangerous, but if you leave it untreated for a very long time, then it might end up destroying your hair. If you are facing the problem of hair loss, then a hair transplant is the best treatment for you.

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Why Everyone Is Rushing to Get Hair Transplants

Individuals get worried by numerous issues related to their personality & appearance. Height is one of the major factors that bother everyone alike. High weight is a major and increasing factor that others people of every age and gender. Speech problems are also issues of concern for some individuals.

Another very major and widespread issue that causes trouble for many people is male pattern baldness or hair loss. All of these health issues' create huge problems for sufferers and decrees their confidence greatly. These problems could keep individuals away from the society and make them depressed or loners.

These health issues also affect one's mind if the person does not get help both medically and emotionally. There has been a significant proof in the psychology that individuals who do not mingle in the society end up developing various health issues complexities. These complications are closely linked with some of the appearance and looks related health issues mentioned above. The sufferer thinks that he / she does not look good enough to go out and mingle in the society.

Among all the troubles related to one's looks & appearance, hair loss is the problem that others the most. Even worried too much about it may increase the rate of baldness. However, the good news is that now the baldness problem is treatable. Hair transplant is the best and most ideal solution for baldness. If you look around, you'll find numerous advertisements that offer transplant services, but not everyone offers decent results. So, you need to find the best surgeon who can deliver excellent results.

Transplantation is a simple procedure in which hair is surgically grafted on your head. Relying upon the area that is supposed to be transplanted, number of sessions a patient may have to go through would vary. This technique has become highly cost effective nowdays. In early phases, this transplant was not available. Individuals needed to make a trip abroad to complete the transplant. However, the best type of hair transplant is now available.

A Hair Transplant is one of the most trusted treatments that have helped numerous individuals to carry on with a casual life. Male pattern baldness or hairlessness will not be able to bring misery into people's lives any more. A Hair transplant is a affordable treatment and even general population who experience the ill effects of baldness can choose to have this treatment.

  • A Perfect Solution

The cost of Hair Transplant is neither cheap nor expensive. It's all about choosing the right transplant surgeon. Of course you should find out the cost of Hair Transplant , but you should rather give importance to surgeon's skills and not money. Some surgeons offer services at cheap prices, but they fail to deliver proper results. Therefore, you must visit a surgeon who is known for his expertise and not for cheap prices.

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Hair Transplant – A Permanent Solution For Hair Loss

Thick and healthy hairs contribute a lot towards men's beauty. Unfortunately, some people lose them at earlier stage. Baldness really bears the beauty conscious people, as they lose their self-confidence. They even hesitated to join the social gatherings and events as they take it a major drawback in their personality.

But going bald is no more a matter of worry for them now. They can regain their confidence while restoring back their locks once again. The solution lies in hair transplantation technique that has made it possible to achieve full head of hair.

Hair transplantation is a type of surgery that permanently restores the hair by implanting new follicles into thinning or balding scalp (recipient site) of men or women. The grafts containing follicles are taken from thicker parts of hair, mostly from the back or sides of the head (donor site). This surgical procedure mainly deals with the male pattern baldness.

Hair transplant experts mostly recommend two methods that work the best:

1. Follicular unit strip surgery (FUSS)

2. Follicular unit extraction (FUE)

Before undergoing either of the surgical method, the patient must speak with his doctor in detail about his preferences and the risks involved. That helps the doctor to make necessary assessment and planning. He, on the basis of his deep analysis, decides what procedure must suit the best to the patient's needs. Then the patient is advised not to take any such medicine that may cause bleeding during the surgery, as bleeding lowers down graft quality.

Before performing the surgery, the doctor injects the local anesthesia into the scalp after washing it with shampoo and treating with some antibacterial agent. Hair transplant procedure, irrespective of what surgical methods the doctor adopts, involves two stages. These two stages are “harvesting” and “grafting” respectively.

Follicular unit strip surgery (FUSS)

During FUSS, the follicular units are harvested (removed from the scalp) by removing a 6-10 inch strip of skin containing a lot of follicles off the posterior part of scalp. Then the surgeon and his team cut out the strip into 500 to 2,000 grafts. Each graft contains a single or a few hairs depending on the size, quality, or type of the recipient site.

Follicular unit extraction (FUE)

In FUE harvesting procedure, every single follicular unit containing 1-4 hair is removed off the back of the scalp separately. Although the process is more complicated and time-consuming, but it causes no linear scar, rather only tiny dots on donor site. The team then punctures the site with the help of micro blades or fine needles.

Grafting of the follicular units

At the grafting stage, both the FUSS and The FUE procedures are just the same. The surgical team adopts the same procedure as had been performed at pre-harvesting phase. They make tiny holes at the recipient site with needle and implant one graft into each hole. The process is very timely and time-consuming, of course. The number of grapes depends mainly on the size of the recipient area. An average transplant needs approximately 1000 to 3000 individual follicular grafts. The ideal transplant containing 4000 grafts is more likely to get a full head of hair. Depending on the size of the recipient area, the process of grafting usually takes 5-10 hours. That's really a tough job.

Post transplant care and recovery time

Most patients report mild pain and soreness after surgery. You may need to take pain killers, anti-inflammatory drugs, and antibiotics for several days. The potential hair growth side effects usually include scarring and uneven hair growth. It is the surgeon who decides whether to perform a follow-up surgery or not. The recovery time varies from case to case. Within 2 to 3 weeks after surgery, the transplanted hair fall out, but new hair also grow out within 5 to 9 months.

The hair transplant surgery is absolutely a permanent solution, as the hair follicles are taken from the “safe zones” like back and / or sides of the scalp. The hair growing on these sides generally does not fall out.

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Top Tips For A Faster Hair Growth

Long and healthy hair are a dream of many people, whether male or female. Do you also wish that your hair was longer? Do you have any idea that your hair will take years to develop the length you need it to? Do not be disappointed, there's some good news that it can happen a lot sooner.

First, you need to understand the details behind hair development. Every strand of hair develops in 3 phases, which are, anagen, catagen and telogen. Out of these 3 stages, the growth stage of anagen is 2 to 6 years long. When hair follicles are renewed the next stage catagen begins. Lastly, the third stage telogen starts when development of hair is stopped.

Since you have an idea about the phases of hair development, let's learn to develop hair quickly with the help of some valuable hair development tips.

  • One of the initial steps you can take in case you're considering how to expand hair development is to have an eating routine that empowers it. Eat a lot of green vegetables, seeds, chicken fish and red meat.
  • Get a decent trim frequently. This disposes of split ends and empowers development.
  • Get a decent massage to enhance circulation of blood and help in development.
  • Cleaning your hair with a high quality shampoo thrice a week repair and hydrates it. However, if you choose to shampoo your head every day, then even high quality shampoo can not save you from scalp dryness and hair loss.
  • Combing your hair too often will enhance the chances of breakage. Once in a while you can detangle your hair delicately utilizing your fingers.
  • Maintain your physical and mental stress levels at low rate. Extreme stress prompts hair fall, so rest soundly and relax regularly.
  • Try not to use cotton pillow covers; rather go for satin as it is delicate and reduces friction and tangles.
  • Use hair development supplements, but make certain to counsel your specialist first.
  • Go for regular hair packs over artificially created ones. Apart from nourishing your hair, it also saves huge amounts of money.
  • Make sure that your hair is secured when you're venturing out in the heat and humidity.
  • Ensure that you always use a conditioner, whenever you use a shampoo to clean your head. The moisture will be retained with the help from the conditioner.
  • Water and liquids should be consumed in high and sufficient amounts in order to keep your scalp hydrated and shiny.
  • Go for exercise on a regular basis as it will enhance circulation of blood and help in the growth of hair.

Are your hair weak and facing the problem of baldness? The permanent and best solution is a hair transplant . The best hair transplant surgeon will provide an excellent hair transplant that will cure baldness.

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Can Hair Extensions Lead to Hair Loss?

The magic of hair extensions is one of the best kept beauty secrets of today's women. However, few of us realize the risk that this growing beauty trend poses for permanent hair loss. Symptoms ranging from blinding headaches, to patchy hair loss and sometimes even permanent damage, are making doctors warn women about the dangers of hair extensions.

When celebrities use hair extensions to frequently change their look, women in huge numbers, and men to a smaller amount, also start to buy into this trend, turning hair extensions into a multimillion pound industry.

The theory behind extensions is wonderful. You can increase the length or volume of your hair by simply attaching either artificial or human hair to the ends of your own hair. Problems can be caused by the ways in which you have to attach the extra hair to your own hair, and the potential damage these techniques can cause.

Ways to attach extensions range from using:

  • Small clips,
  • Small metal rings which get crimped on,
  • Using potentially harmful glues, which can strip hair of its protective layers,
  • Sewing in bunches of extensions to your existing hair, which is weaved into rows.

Hair extensions have received a lot of attention in recent years as more and more celebrities are encountering side effects associated with long-term use. For every star who walks down the red carpet with long flowing locks, there are the celebrities who have suffered irreparable damage to their own natural heads of hair.

Over time, the friction and tugging of the added weight at the scalp, can cause injury to the natural hair follicle, and hair loss can occur. Any chemical or mechanical treatment of the hair can damage at both the root and the shaft, causing it to break, at or just above the extension joins. If the hair is dropped out often enough, the follicle will simply die, resulting in hair loss, a condition known as Traction Alopecia.

Hair loss experts have pointed out that the occasional short-term wearing of weaves and extensions should have no long-lasting negative effects, but that sustained and continuous usage can result in hair loss problems.

Women experiencing hair loss and damage caused by extensions should have the extensions removed as soon as possible. A lot of women find that the damage leaves their own hair unsightly, and their first thought might be to replace it with further extensions – unfortunately this will only aggravate the problem and to prevent permanent hair loss you should avoid doing this.

A visit to a hair stylist will be sufficient to correct the hair's appearance if the damage is not too bad, although it may need a dramatic change in hairstyle to remove damaged hair. But over time, it should grow back normally and healthily without having to resort to medical intervention.

Hair extensions can completely change your appearance for the better, but generally it is not a good idea to leave them in for too long.

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Hair Care – An Issue of Great Concern!

Hair care has recently come across as an issue of great concern.

Gone are the days of old when people had to make do with the hair they had, and never had a choice in deciding over the color. For that matter, they did not have a choice in deciding upon the thickness, density or even styling.

Things changed over the past century, people became a lot more concerned about their hair, hairstyle and looks in general. They started spending on hair. Hair dyes came across as a phenomenon from the day they were introduced, and it was very often heard that do not lose your youth to a few strands of white hair. A hair dye, a fountain of youth, it's possible, and was sure enough presented that way. Highlights and rockstar hairstyles were yet another innovation.

About half a century back, the cosmetic industry boomed big-time and we came across a lot of products for skincare and hair care. Women started going for neatly cropped short hair, a pleasant change from long braids, it came across as a phenomena, curls and all.

Moreover, self grooming is nowdays seen as a must. You groom yourself well, and it makes you eligible for so many places. It augurs well for your career, and even demarks you as a good looking individual. It enhances the feel good factor. Makes you feel at home.

So, one's gotta spend on grooming. However, still we find that when men see their hairlines receding, they sometimes choose to do nothing about it. Suffering is involved to an extent; they choose to face it, accepting it as a part of life.

But if one chooses to stay very well groomed, you would not believe, you'd feel better. And over time, you're coming to realize that people respond to you in a much better fashion, and quite, it makes you love yourself more. So it really works towards strengthening your interpersonal relationships as well. You've found that you get along better with your family, your kids, parents and friends. People accept you more, you love more and you are loved more.

You feel young, and that makes you more energetic by itself.

Similarly, thicker, healthier and shinier hair would make a woman more desirable, and would work wonders for all that she does. It would augur well for her at her workplace, at home, while she's with her friends relatives and kids.

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The Heights of Hair

Every person on this earth is born a hair aficionado. Hair fills in the void and completes a person's personality to its best. To look good is one's embodied thought and that seriously calls for 'confidence'. Without confidence, there is no easy way out. Keep this in your mind. Confidence plays a key role in building assertiveness, new relationships and the comfort to speak out your expressions. Likewise, having full volume, lustrous hair boosts your level of confidence. It leaves a charming smile on your face. Whereas having hair loss and baldness can only take you a few steps ahead but not more than that, unless you deal with the root of the problem. Hair loss is a common issue discussed these days. It's not something to worry about completely but in a serious way- yes.

It is believed that stress dulls your hair and causes breakage. For a hair aficionado, it is equally important to take good care of your hair no matter where you are. Remember that your hair is the crown you never take off. There are only a few matters which you do with your hair such as: styling, colouring, experimenting and cutting. For the above said, first preference mainly focuses on the hair type and texture. Nowadays there are numerous platforms for those undergoing hair loss, where one can make use of his / her hair judiciously. One among them is hair replacement. Take a closer look at the below mentioned:

Hair enhancer referred to as “Top Piece”. May or may not be a full cap size. It's designed to work with your own hair to add volume.

Hair extensions appear in hair strands, either one piece or multiple strands that are designed to add length and volume to your own hair. May either be temporary or semi-permanent and are available in human hair.

Hair frames arrive as a classic headband with heat resistant hair attached that can be styled for his / her desired look. Designed to work with the front of your hairline.

Baby hair is the small strands of hair, often curly at the base of the frontal hairline to add to a realistic look. Also baby hair can often camouflage the edge of your hair.

Add-ons are partial hair pieces – not a full one. Hairpiece that temporarily attaches either by interlocking combs to your own hair to add instant length, volume and texture.

Hope each of you has developed an insight while reading the different ways in which natural hair can be replaced excellently.

It is a universal truth that hair is the crowning glory. Today hair and our obsession with it is a multi-billion dollar industry, including hair dyes, styling products, hair replacements, celebrity hairdressers and hairstyle magazines. But you can get things done at a reasonable price too. Yes it's true. To experiment with hair, you will need a perfect hairstyle guide. A good hairstyle guide gives you the best ways to wear your hair the right way which complements your face, body and dress. Only the right hairstyles can accentuate your best facial features while downplaying any flaws, redefining the way you look. So reassure that you are carrying off the hairstyle which suits well. For instance, if you have a round face, you might consider wearing your hair long to minimize the width of your face. However, if you have a longer face, you'll look great in hairstyles that are short with sweeping bangs which will give a greater appearance to your face.

Having a 'Bad Hair Day'? Feel the need to re-invent yourself? Then get yourself an appointment with a hairstylist and encourage each other to participate in the belief that a new hairdo will paper over the cracks in our emotional lives and give us that much thought after 'great self-esteem'! A 'new you' is promised just by an excellent hair replacement system.

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New Hairstyle Design Tips: Mistakes You’re Doing When Straightening Your Hair

Who does not love sleek hair? It is neat, elegant, shiny and never fails to be trendy. In addition to that, it is one of the easiest and fastest hair-dos that you might attempt to have at home. All you need to do is put your flat iron on and work it through the strands. Yet, with all its benefits, comes along a serious problem represented with burnt fried ends. And why is that? Because you probably did some mistakes while straightening your hair. In this article, we will provide you with new hairstyle design tips to avoid further damage by avoiding these mistakes and fixing them with reliable steps that keep your strands healthy.

First Mistake: Not Prepping the Hair

When applying the hot tool directly on your hair without protection, there is no way your strands can hold on to the moisture it is enriched with. They are left dry and damaged. That's why it is really important to rely on a treatment that keeps the strands hydrated and protects it from the heat. You can always go to argan oil that nourishes and restores health.

Second Mistake: Keeping the Temperature Really High

No matter how much you slather on leave-in treatments, your hair will not be protected if the temperature of the flat iron is really high. Beside, the high temperature will not help in getting sleek hair faster or better; it'll just help in damaging your hair even worse. Set the temperature on medium level; it will be effective enough to make your hair really sleek and tidy, without causing dryness.

Third Mistake: Blow Drying When the Hair is too Dry or too Wet

Before you use the flat iron or the hair straightener you use the blow dryer to blow your hair. You have to know that when you use it on wet hair, you expose your hair to much heat, and when you use it on dry hair, you cause dryness. The optimal time to blow dry the hair is about to dry, but is still wet. When doing so, avoid using metal brushes that really really hot and help in drying your hair.

Fourth Mistake: Blow Drying in a Wrong Direction

Yes, there is a right way to blow drying. When you blow dry your hair in the wrong direction, your hair breaks and looks frizzy. The right way to hold your blow dryer is aiming it downwards. This way, your strands will fall towards your shoulders.

Follow these hairstyle design tips for a better hair straightening treatment.

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Unlocking 20 Secrets To Grow & Maintain Long Hair

If you have long and beautiful hair then it's important that you should take proper care, else you'll end up losing them. Due to the high level of stress and pollution, there's a high chance that you might lose your hair length soon.

Let's take a look at top 20 secrets to achieve for long hair, which will help you take better care for your cherished locks.

  1. Ensure you oil your hair at least twice every week. This is on the grounds that applying oil on your hair will support, nourish and reinvent the roots. Additionally it will rejuvenate dead shafts of the hair.
  2. Set aside a few minutes for a decent scalp massage. This will enhance blood circulation in the head and thus fortify hair development.
  3. While shampooing at least twice a week repair and hydrates your hair, using shampoo on every day basis can prove to be counterproductive and make your hair dry, frizzy and weak because of the high level of sulphates present in the shampoo.
  4. While shampooing, try not to handle your hair roughly. Delicately do the cleaning at the scalp and permit the shampoo to simply go down to the hair strands.
  5. Each time you clean your hair bear in mind to condition it as well. High quality conditioners will hold moisture and therefore shield your hair from dryness and frizzes.
  6. If possible, avoid taking showers from hot water as it can harm your hair and result in dryness. Choose to take showers with lukewarm water and then wind up with a cool rinse.
  7. After the shower, while drying your hair, you should do it as gently as possible to avoid any breakage. Pick a towel that is soft and tender on the hair.
  8. When your hair is wet try not to brush it as this might just result in breakage. Make an effort to detangle your hair delicately by utilizing your fingers.
  9. After your hair is dry and an ideal opportunity to brush has arrived, then use a wide-toothed comb. This should be done as these combs do not pull or harm your hair.
  10. It is important to give your hair a decent trim from time to time. Not just it disposes of split ends, but it additionally helps in hair development.
  11. There's a high chance that you might not have heard this tip for long hair before. Do not utilize cotton pillowcases.
  12. Select natural techniques for curling and straightening.
  13. Try not to tie your braids or ponytails too tight as it will put heavy stress on the roots, and the friction generated will result in breakage.
  14. Make an attempt to incorporate Vitamin E in your foods as it will help in the growth of your hair significantly!
  15. Ensure you consume the required amount of Protein. It is vital for hair health and development.
  16. Drink coconut water and consume tons of dry fruits to make your hair bouncy and full of volume.
  17. Green vegetables, curd, nuts, fruits, sprouts and right amount of red / white meat are all very essential for your hair. Eat them in abundance!
  18. Vitamins, whether consumed naturally or as supplements, must be incorporated into your daily diet for effective hair growth.
  19. Consume tons of water every day as it will prevent hair from looking dry and dehydrated.
  20. Go for routine exercise as it will improve blood circulation and growth growth of your hair.

Final thoughts : These tips can help you grow and maintain long hair effectively. However, you should not neglect the health of your hair as it may result in hair loss. If you've been dealing with the problem of baldness or quick hair loss, then Hair transplant performed by the best hair transplant surgeon can help you get the hair back on your scalp.

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Important Things to Know Before Going for a FUE Hair Transplant

While facing the problem of male pattern baldness, you will come across lots of potential hair restoration choices. However, it is recommended that individuals should make inquiries and do in-depth research as possible. Numerous answers can be achieved by visiting the hair transplant surgeon. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (Frequently Asked Questions), which are related to FUE (follicular unit extraction). Have a look.

  • What Is FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)?

FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction is a hair transplant technique in which the hair transplant surgeon extracts hair from the donor area 1 follicular unit at a time. Typically, the donor area can be between anywhere like at the back and sides of the scalp. This helps to include better quality hair either from above the neck or behind the ears. This extracted hair is then embedded into the area on the scalp which is facing the problem of baldness.

  • How FUE Is Done Step By Step

  • The patient is asked to lie down on a specially made operating bed.
  • Anaesthesia is administered.
  • Under a magnifier, a device and needle are utilized, to extract the required number of follicular units from the head.
  • Follicular units are kept in a chemical solution until the extraction is finished.
  • The patient is then asked to sit up and then the anaesthesia is administrated into the area where the follicles are meant to be placed.
  • In the recipient area, cuts are made by using customized blades.
  • Follicular units are implanted into the cuts by the hair transplant surgeon.
  • The surgeon gives detailed guidelines of after care.
  • You'll be prescribed antibiotics and a few pain killers which you have to consume as recommended by the surgeon.

  • How Long Is The Recovery Period?

You should know that in FUE hair transplant surgery, minimal invasion in the skin is made, which requires no stitches, staples, or dressing. Therefore, the recovery time period is usually quite quick, sometimes even quicker than you could imagine. The donor area bought to heal in 1 week, and the hair will start growing again by the 2nd week post hair transplant surgery. The area where hair is implanted will drop all scabs inside 2 weeks, but it is common that the shedding process may proceed in the area for 8 weeks.

  • When Will The Hair Starts Growing Normally Again?

After the hair transplant has been performed successfully, it will take around 4 to 6 months for the new hair to grow and this growth will continue even after a year until the new hair becomes thick, healthy and fully mature, blending elegantly with the surrounding natural hair.

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Top Tips For Hair Care

Have a look at these top 7 tips for hair care in the monsoon season.

  • Keep Your Hair Dry

Although you may have the desire to get your hair wet in the rain, keep in mind that rain water is grimi and acidic, which is really terrible for the hair. In this way, try your best to keep hair dry unless you're stuck in a heavy downpour.

  • Use Shampoo Twice A Week

Utilize a high quality shampoo to eliminate any deposit on your head declined by heavy rains. Utilizing a decent shampoo can sustain your tresses and avert contagious or bacterial contaminations. Furthermore, always shampoo from root to tip.

  • Hair Oil Massage

There's nothing more as useful for your hair during the monsoon season as a hair oil massage. It actually helps the dampness in your hair which revives dry strands. Keep in mind not to use an excess of massage else you'll end up over-shampooing in an attempt to remove the oil, which will harm your hair.

  • Avoid Tying

If you're tying up your hair during the monsoon season, then you're welcoming water to get absorbed in your hair, which will make it frizzier. In cases, if you really have to tie your hair, then choose simple styles like ponytails and buns.

  • Staying Waterproof Is Great

The most ideal approach to secure your hair in the monsoon season is to put some cash in a high quality waterproof raincoat, jacket with a hoodie or cap.

  • Get The Best Comb Or Brush

There's simply no doubt that a wide tooth comb or brush is your most solid option during the monsoon season. Not just does it help in detangling your strands, in fact, it additionally serves as an excellent conditioning brush.

  • Condition Your Hair Properly

The correct approach to condition your hair is by abstaining from utilizing an excessive amount of conditioner and applying conditioner just at the ends and lengths of your hair. Do not forget to use a wide tooth brush, as specified before as it will provide the conditioner a decent spread. After applying condition in a proper manner, rinse it with cold water.

Are you bothered by hair loss or baldness? The only permanent and ideal solution is to go for hair transplant. The best hair transplant surgeon will offer an amazing hair transplant that will remove your baldness and get hair back on your bald head.

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Hair Transplant Procedure – The Most Effective Way to Tackle Hair Loss!

Hair loss is something that might worry anyone. Not only does this decrease hair on your head, it also lowers the level of your self-confidence, while leading you towards depression.

So, what is it that you need to do to stop this hair loss and restore your hair growth?

The options are many such as medications, topical creams, oils, PRP, Mesotherapy and Hair Transplant surgeries. However, what you would need depends entirely on your condition.

For instance, if you are facing hair fall because of a seasonal change, this is a temporary phase. Proper hair care and medicated oils or creams might help. You can even consult a doctor and start taking some medications which may replenish your system with the right nutrients needed for the hair growth. Within a few weeks, your hair loss will stop and fresh hair will start growing.

In cases of extreme hair thinning, these oils, topical creams and medications may not work that effectively. You may have to go for non-surgical hair loss treatments such as Mesotherapy and PRP. These are aimed at replenishing your scalp with the essential nutrients that can help minimize hair loss and stimulate the re-growth of hair. Neverheless, even these may not work if you have bald patches on your head.

Androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness is quite difficult to treat through hair loss treatments, medications, oils and creams. In fact most might even believe that only a miracle can help them grow hair on their bald patches. Neverheless, these miracles do get performed on a day-to-day basis in many cosmetic clinics all over the world.

The advances in technology have introduced minimally invasive hair transplant procedures such as FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) that work wonders for people who wish to get rid of their baldness.

How do Hair Transplant Procedures work?

These are minimally invasive procedures where in the healthy hair follicles found at the back of your head are transplanted on to the areas that are to be treated. Hair transplantation works for both male and female pattern baldness effectively. However, the criterion is that there has to be a healthy growth of hair at the back of your head. The thicker growth, the better will be the results.

In order to understand these procedures, it is important to understand the two main methods of hair transplantation: FUE and FUT


FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction is a procedure where in hair follicles are extracted individually from the back of your head, dissected under a high-powered microscope and transplanted individually on the area to be treated. Tiny incisions are made in the donor and recipient area after the application of a numb cream or local anesthetic, which takes care of any pain or discomfort you may face. Since there are no wounds or scars here, you get to recover faster. Eyebrow hair restoration, moustache transplants, eyelash transplants as well as sideburn and goatee transplants can be performed very well through FUE as the number of grapes required would be less.


FUT or Follicular unit transplantation is a procedure where in a long thin strip of tissues is removed from the back of your head. These tissues are placed in a holding solution until the grafts are prepared using a high-powered microscope. The grafts are prepared in units of 1, 2, 3 and 4 and transplanted the same way, to achieve fullness. Unlike FUE, FUT is a faster procedure by which thousands of grafts can be transplanted in a single session. Therefore it works very well for scalp transplant and beard transplant.

Many have achieved successful results through hair transplantation. You can definitely be one of them. However, you have to make sure you follow the instructions given by the hair transplant expert carefully and attend multiple sessions if need be, to achieve desired results that stay for a long time.

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New Hairstyle Design: Reasons for Hair Loss

Hair falls off all the time. When you comb your hair, take a bath, get a new hairstyle design … you see some of your hair falling and it is a natural thing. Other hairs grow to fill in and replace the lost ones. But when should you be worried? Hair loss becomes a problem to worry about when the amount of hairs falls out the normal. It is not hair shedding anymore, but you fear all your hair will fall off just by touching your head.

Excessive hair loss can soon become a serious problem which you worry about day and night. It is ideal that you know the reasons behind the problem, so that you can find a way to put an end to it. Beauty and hair experts break down some of the most possible reasons for hair loss. Read on to learn about them to keep yourself away from baldness with a hair loss treatment for women.

Reason One: Stress

You might be surprised to know that stress is one of the most important reasons why you might have severe hair loss. Anxiety can be harsh on hair, and there is no solution but to put an end to stress. Relax, take things easy, and you'll realize with time that both your stress and hair loss are gone forever.

Reason Two: Hormones

You know it is a hormonal problem when your hair starts falling, and you notice hair growing in less desired areas such as the face and the chin. In this case, you need to visit the doctor in order to find out what the hormonal problem is and take medication.

Reason Three: Genetics

It is possible that your hair starts falling at a certain age because it is hereditary. There is something you can do about it, which is enriching your scalp with blood flow. Cloned stem cells are injured in the scalp and hair will start to grow again and fill in the bald spaces.

Reason Four: Allergy

Allergies related to foods can cause hair loss, especially gluten allergy. In this case, it is also best to see a doctor.

Reason Five: Malnutrition

Hair needs nutrition in order to be rich. You have to have good vitamin and protein intake. Fibers are also important. Focus on the consumption of fish, vegetables, almonds and chicken breast in case you have hair loss.

Do you face hair fall when getting new hairstyle design ?

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What Causes Hair Loss And What Are The Treatments Available?

There are various causes for hair loss. It could be hereditary, due to hormonal changes or medical conditions. Men and women both can experience hair fall under these circumstances. If it is to such an an amount that baldness shows, it becomes particularly disturbing for that individual. As far as baldness is concerned, heredity is considered as the most common cause. Sometimes, people allow baldness to remain untreated and some people try to cover it up with hats, scarves etc. Yet, some people choose to select the best hair treatments available and reclaim their beauty and feel confident!

It is important that you understand the cause rather than resorting to hats and scarves!

Let us first understand the various symptoms:

  • Gradual thinning on the top of the head
  • Circular or patchy bald spots
  • Sudden loose hair falling off
  • Patches of scaling that spread across the scalp

If you notice sudden bald patches or lots of loose hair, you must talk to your doctor in order to find out the undering cause. The doctor will select the best hair treatment for your condition.

Normally, people shed 50 to 100 hairs a day. This usually does not lead to hair thinning or baldness. The most common causes include:

  • Heredity
  • Hormonal changes,
  • Medical conditions
  • Medications


Once you contact a doctor, you will undergo a series of tests to diagnose the root cause. Here are some of the tests that you will undergo:

  • Blood Tests – Blood tests help eliminate thyroid as the root cause.
  • Pull Tests – The doctor will actually pull a bunch of hair to see how many come out.
  • Scalp Biopsy – The doctor will scrape samples of skin or from the root of the hair for observation for any other medical condition.
  • Light Microscopy – A special instrument is used to observe hairs that are trimmed at their base.

Hair Treatment

Some hair loss is treatable and some is permanent. There are many ways to treat it such as medication, surgery and laser therapy.


Whenever hair fall is caused by an underlying disease, medication will be required to treat the disease before any other action is taken. Typically, if the root cause is thyroid, effective control of those hormones can help reduce or stop hair fall.


Hair transplant surgery is the most common treatment for baldness. Hairs from other parts of the scalp are transplanted to the bald area. This is a permanent solution to baldness and the hair are restored to the pre-bald state very easily.

So, if you notice a receding hairline or notice patches of baldness, there are always plenty of options to remediate it. It is always good to explore some rather than adorning hats, caps and scarves! Check out your options and talk to your doctor about your condition and seek the right treatment for your hair.

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