Premature hair loss in men can be a scary thing for both the guy trying it as well as his girlfriend or wife who has to deal with it. You might have a luscious head of hair that makes the ladies swoon, but gradually (or not so gradually) it can all disappear. So why are us guys so before this? For starters, at least 90% of guys with premature hair loss suffer from a well-known and widespread condition called androgenic alopecia. This condition involves a high level of a male hormone known as dihydrotestosterone, or DHT for short, and creates a distinct pattern of hair loss where hair starts balding from the temples and moves onto the scalp while hair remains in the sides of the head remains in- tact for some time. Androgenic alopecia occurs in women as well, but is more severe in men because cytochrome helps metabolize androgens such as DHT into estrogen, which helps keep down the levels of DHT in women.

Men are not as lucky in this regard and therefore have higher levels of DHT present in the scalp. To make matters worse for guys, we are genetically predisposed to be sensitive to DHT, so not only do we get high levels of it, but it also affects us more sturdy. The mechanism by which DHT makes our lives hell is quite simple: it binds to the androgen receptors in our hair follicles and causes a shortened growth cycle. This shortened growth cycle leads to thinner hair and eventually causes the hair follicle to die. Once this occurs, getting hair to re-grow is not an easy task.

Since the causes behind male male hair loss (also called androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness) are both genetic and environmental in nature, doing things like eating better, exercising more, and keeping your stress levels low may not be enough to moderate premature hair loss . Of course, it would not hurt to be doing these things, but genetics is a tough thing to overcome. There are, course, treatment options available ranging from natural remedies that have been used with varying degrees of success through the ages to cutting edge treatments that can often cost huge amounts of money.

Of course, a lot of treatments do not show results for many, many months (if ever) and you can be stuck wasting money on something that does not work while your hairline keeps getting thinner. Fortunately there are real, effective treatments that have helped countless men. To learn more about natural male hair loss treatment options, please visit the link in the resource box.