When a woman's hair starts shedding, her self-esteem tends to plummet. Victims of female hair loss may feel ashamed, unattractive, or even socially paranoid because of their condition. In more severe cases of female hair loss, women will actually shut down and begin withdrawing them from important life activities.

Because many of these women become so insecure, both work and play can become significantly compromised. It also seems as though they have greater difficulty accepting complaints, no matter how genuine. Unfortunately, this is often supported by society, regardless of how unfair it looks. Because of the media's high expectations for physical femininity beauty, a full head of sexy hair is essentially a must.

If you're like most other women with thinning hair, you've already considered special hats, wigs, or other ways to cover up the problem. Treatment options are generally the next thing a woman will look into. Now it's important to note that not all treatments produce desired results for all women. But this is not to suggest that there are not viable ways for a woman to regrow her hair. There are! Separate the good from the bad is the secret. In the following paragraphs, you'll learn how to do this!

Females at all stages of life, including younger ladies and even teens, can suffer from hair loss. By the same token, nationality is generally not an issue, as ladies from all across the world are afflicted. Depending upon the type of hair loss you're experiencing, the condition can be minor or major. Fortunately, numerous varieties of women's baldness are only temporary. Often, the problem will subside at such a time that hormonal balance is restored.

You'll find that there are several possible reasons for female hair loss. From your genes and hormones to injury and medical side effects, there are several common ways to become afflicted with female hair loss! Investigating the specific challenges which have contributed to your particular affliction is the first step towards finding a viable solution. Let us take a look at a variety of possible causes …

The very first thing you'll probably need to think about is the level of stress you generally find yourself plagued with. There is a powerful correlation between female hair loss and certain amounts of daily stress. If your employment situation is particularly stressful and / or you typically suffer from lots of excess anxiety at work, you could have established your reason for shedding hair! Discovering ways to reduce your personal stress could restore your internal balance, and set your hair on the road to total resurfacing.

Improper nutrition may also bring on women's hair loss in a big way. Your hair must receive sustenance, also! There are quite specific nutrients, which include magnesium, biotin, iron, and zinc, that the hair requires in order to grow properly. A diet not sufficient in any of these key nutrients could contribute to baldness in next to no time. Also, be sure that you're amply hydrated as much as possible.

Hormones may play a significant part in women's hair loss. Excess amounts of testosterone may lead to production of the nasty hormone dht. Females who are on oral contraceptives, or who are pregnant can experience all kinds of adverse side effects, hair loss being one of them. Take a look at your medications and lifestyle. Have blood work done. You really need to know where you stand hormonally, as this may just be the cause of your female baldness.

Unfortunately, not all cases of female baldness can be successfully prevented or treated. Androgenic alopecia, or female pattern baldness, is a genetic condition that is passed down through the generations within your family. In some cases, a woman's thinning locks are simply a case of “dumb luck.” The good news is that this is usually a reversible condition. There are many procedures and products available that have been designed to remedy this type of thinning hair.

Luckily, there are a few treatments designed to slow, stop, and even reverse various forms of female hair loss. Some of these tools are surgical in nature. Others are medical. There are also a few well-reflected over the counter treatments which may be of interest to you. And if all else fails, there are a few sneaky ways that you can hide your condition from the public eye.

Wigs, hats and hair extensions may be your first line of defense against female baldness. Why? Because they work instantly, naturally! This is seriously worth mentioning, as you need to know that all hope is not lost. You can instantly regain your confidence while in the process of seeking out actual treatment options.

A two percent minoxidil solution is something you should very seriously consider investing in. This is the ideal strength for women. If you do not know what minoxidil is, it's simply a topical solution that you apply to the scalp every day. It was originally used as a blood pressure treatment, because it dilated the blood vessels. But it was soon discovered that excess hair growth was a very commonly occurring “unwanted” side effect. Shortly thereafter, it hit the market as the only FDA approved treatment for both male and female hair thinning.

You can find many types and causes of female baldness. Fortunately, there are also plenty of effective ways to hide and even reverse this condition.