Studies have shown that some of the vitamins taken by the body are known to be beneficial for the treatment of hair loss. These hair loss vitamins are known to replenish any deficiency caused by factors that lead to baldness. Vitamins added to diet for hair growth can also enhance other health concerns: stress reduction, blood circulation, and balanced hormone levels.

What Are Hair Loss Causes?

Baldness or hair loss can affect anyone at any stage of life. One specific cause is an autoimmune disease called alopecia areata that presents as a spontaneous loss of hair. It starts with round patches on different areas of the scalp. Then, the baldness gradually spreads across the whole scalp. This autoimmune disease can affect the hair follicles by inhibiting their entry into the active growth phase and prematurely entering the resting phase. These follicles, as a result, will be stopped completely from reproducing hairs. Another cause is the Traction alopecia that is usually the cause of strain on the hair by the stress that tight ponytails and braids. It does not only affect the hair on the scalp but also on other areas where hair is styled like the eyebrows. Constant plucking of eyebrows can hinder hair growth.

Essential Hair Loss Vitamins

Besides having treatments for loss of hair, adding nutritional supplements to the diet is also important. Below are some of the essential hair loss vitamins to help regrowth:

  • Vitamin A: is beneficial for skin and hair growth and maintenance. This vitamin is responsible for regulating the hair follicle retinoic acid. Most skin care products that have vitamin A can be used for enhancing hair growth. Just apply and massage the skin care product on the scalp and leave for a couple of minutes. Wash and let hair dry.
  • Vitamin B: this vitamin aids hair growth by helping the body in stress reduction. The most common cause for young adults having hair loss is stress. One of the vitamins, Inositol, is helpful in enhancing and fastening hair growth. Another B-vitamin essential for hair growth is B12. Most people are acquiring less of this nutrient and this is very essential since it is actually part of the hair shaft. This vitamin gains the hair strength.
  • Vitamin C: assists in iron absorption that is important for hair growth. Vitamin C or the supplement sources like vegetables and fruits are needed by the body since it can not be synthesized. The recommended Vitamin C dose is 2000 mg every day.

Increasing these vitamins in your diet will help reduce or control problems on loss of hair. Baldness can be controlled with diet and proper treatment. Visit their website for additional information on how to treat baldness.