Hair loss can be a difficult obstacle to overcome. It can occur at any time to both women and men and there is no miracle cure. There are newly available genetic tests that can be done in order to determine the influence your genes have had on your condition as opposed to circumstantial influenza in an attempt to provide further information surrounding the nature of your hair loss. Depending on the nature of the cause there is a variety of treatments options that are available.

There are many causes for hair loss. Alopecia is the medical term for standard baldness that is also referred to as androgenic alopecia for typical male pattern baldness. Certain hair products can trigger alopecia in both men and women and in some cases it is bought on by medical conditions such as iron deficiency. Whatever the cause may be, meeting with your medical professional at your selected hair loss clinic should get the process started with an initial consultation.

During such an initial consultation your professional should take the time to explain the complexities of hair loss. Hair loss can involve anything from rapid hair loss and baldness to thinning of hair and receding hairlines. An advanced clinic with experience in the field will incorporate and in-depth microscopic hair analysis (MHA) in this initial consultation, which does not take more than an hour to assess the results. During this time expect that your scalp will be visually inspected and any surface causes will be identified. Contributing factors such as stress, surgeries, harmful products, drugs medicines and even hormones are considered in part of this initial diagnosis process. Based on the diagnosis a specific program can be put in place and treatments can begin.

It is important to note off the bat that the ideal hair restoration candidate is someone who is just starting to suffer from hair loss, but still has some remaining hair. There are many treatment options but specific natural procedures combined with laser options have been found to be highly effective. That being said there are other extremely reliable solutions such as hair transplants, which is a minor surgical procedure that does require the admission of a local anesthetic. Essentially 'donor hair' is removed from back and sides of one's head and grafted to balding areas where the follicles will start to regrow in a few months.

The point to take home is that it's important to find a reputable clinic with a track record of proven results. There are a number of techniques available and it is important to work with your chosen professional to find the right solution for you. Often hair loss treatments are not one time solutions so working with someone you feel confident with means a lot in the long run. The sooner you start treatment the easier it is to remedy the problem. More people than you would imagine get treatment for hair loss, and if you are one of them and seek treatment right away; the chances are good that no one will know the difference.