The use of pharmaceutical drugs provides fast relief and cure, alleviating the discomfort a patient feels. But its misuse and overuse can lead to dangerous side effects. Even as these products are supposedly to have undergone testing with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), patients can develop unfavorable reactions because of it. Statistics show that cases of hospitalization and deaths due to misuse and abuse of pharmaceutical drugs run by at least two million every year.

Drugs work to treat the symptoms. But the reality is, most of these products tend to mask the actual problems as the normal functions on the cells in the body are disrupted. A single dose of prescription medications are potentially harmful because it triggers thousands of biological changes, which is why there is a need to monitor the use of this.

After all these arguments though, the use of these medications continue to rise.


This is a popular hair growth medication that comes in a foam form and should be applied topically. Common side effects of using this, for treatment of alopecia for example, include scalp redness and itchiness, which should subside overtime. Serious dangers to using this product are rare. However, other people with sensitive skin may find that itching and redness can persist, causing an allergic reaction. Acne can also breakout in the area where the substance is applied. Other rare side effects with constant use of Minoxidil include dizzy spells, vision problems, lightheadedness, headache, and irregular heartbeat. Women may feel their breast slightly tender, and other patients may experience a slight weight gain.


This medication is mainly used for improving male pattern baldness. Because Finasteride affects the hormones in the body, a man may observe his breast becoming enlarged and tender, leading to a condition called gynecomastia. Enlarged breasts in men may trigger self-image issues, affecting a man's psychological and emotional well being. Finasteride may also lead to low sperm count and loss of sex drive, while the drugs can lead to abnormalities among male fetuses, which is why pregnant women are advised not to come in contact with this medication.


More familiar as a brand called Aldactone, spironolactone may lead to drowsiness, dry mouth and thirst, restlessness, heart rate problems and hypotension. This is because the drugs can cause potassium levels to increase causing an electrolyte imbalance in the body. What's dangerous is that sometimes, potassium problems may be easily overlooked and there have been rare cases where the condition has lead to the death of the patient. Spironolactone may also cause kidney problems and it can react with other types of medication, leading to more threatening side effects. Patients take this to level off cholesterol and avoid hypertension problems.


Dustasteride is used to treat prostate problems in men and the most popular brand for this is Avodart. Men who regularly taking this drug are likely to develop improve bladder problems, but may experience erectile dysfunction and a decreased sex drive. In some cases, the breast may also enlarge. These side effects are said to be tolerable, but uncomfortable. The side effects, especially with enlarged breast, may also persist long after the patient has stopped taking the medication.