There are many men who suffer from male pattern baldness (MPB). Most of these men have a full head of hair through the teens and through the twenties. By the time they get to thirty, the bald patches are already clearly visible and some might even be bald by then.

Men all over the world find this to be a crisis and would try almost anything to remedy the situation. There are a few issues to address though. These are: the reasons why men go bald, and what remedies are available.

The Reasons for MPB

Many men are genetically predisposed to suffering with a receding hairline and sometimes baldness. Some are sensitive to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) that can cause toxicity to the hair follicles. This results any of the nutrients to be absorbed.

The life of the nutrient starved follicles are shortened as a result. As this process continues the hair fall reaches the point of crisis (baldness). Normal hair fall does take place naturally, but if the follicles were not given its nutrients it stays in a resting phase and it would be difficult to stimulate growth again.

These reasons are not the only factors that might be the cause. Research, however, is continuing and many scientists are looking for a solution to the problem.

Available Treatments

One of the treatments that are a consideration is the treatment that would reduce the DHT levels. This would lead to the slowing down or even the stopping of miniaturization process of the follicles.

The drug that is used in these cases has had some good results in terms of stopping hair loss and even the regrowth of the hair. The product needs to be used for certain time frame (between six and twelve months) to see the results or no results.

The results of the proposed drug for hair loss can have negative results. If this is the case, the last resort could be to have hair implantation. Recent developments in this field ensure that the implants would give a more natural head of hair than in the past.

Many doctors make use of donor follicles for this purpose. This can be a very expensive procedure for most people. It is also necessary to make sure that you research and find the right surgeon for this purpose. It is also necessary for men to understand that not all remedies will work, as every person is different.