Your hair styling instruments may make your hair look great. But it is not wise to ignore the harm that they can do to your hair. Over heating the hair can lead to breakage and leave it looking dull and lifeless. It also causes split ends and rough hair.

You must take proper care of your hair if you want your hair to take care of you. Just keeping a few things in mind make a lot of difference to your beautiful mane.

To start with, make sure that the styling appliances that you are using, like your blow dryer, curling machine and straightening machine have some good features like the temperature setting. This allows you to set the temperature according to your requirement and you can avoid using over heated tools. You can also opt for hair dryers that have nozzle attachment options for best results.

Then, it is essential to know your hair type. The finer the hair, the lower the heat required for styling it. But that does not mean you need excess heat for styling thicker hair. It's better to understand your hair texture so that you can style it accordingly.

If you need to use hair styling equipment very often make sure you use a product that'll protect your tresses from the heat. They coat the hair and protect them from the direct heat. Some dermatologists say that styling irons do more harm than blow dryers. While styling your hair, make sure you do not use the hair instrument at one place for more that 30-45 seconds. This way you can prevent damage at least or at least reduce it.

You could also talk to your stylist about some hair styling techniques. Even though you feel you have a fairly good idea about styling and using styling appliances, it might actually turn out to be a good idea to consult with your stylist. Your hair stylist could help you with newer and better techniques that might be less harmful for your hair.

If you feel that your hair is damaged and has become dull due to excessive use of heat or other reasons, you should consider treating your hair. If split ends are your worry, you could consider getting a haircut. Sometimes home remedies also work wonders for improving hair health. You can make hair masks at home or treat your hair to a spa once in a while. Consider taking an opinion from your stylist about the products that you use.

Hair is the most beautiful and natural accessory you possess. Make sure you handle it with care.