Excessive hair fall or hair loss can be an extremely embarrassing problem which most men and women face these days. Unlike earlier times, hair loss can begin as early as in the late twenties or thirties and some reasons behind this are pollution, environmental changes, diet, lifestyle and other factors. But in order to avoid facing public humiliation and get the youthful charm back, it is important to try out some methods of hair thickening which can make them appear fuller and denser. The following are the top ways to thicken your tresses:

Eat right

One of the most natural and effective ways is to eat right. A lot depends on the diet we take and it is important to engage in a nutrition rich and balanced diet in order to improve not only hair health but also strength and quality as well.

Use hair thickening products

Another amazing way to see instant thickening results is to use hair thickening products like gels, serums, shampoos and conditioners etc. There are several such products which have a great impact on the growth and strength.

Comb right and do not comb too much

A lot of us make the mistake of combing too many times a day. The more we comb, the more will our hair fall off and this is one reason why hair growth may not be active. It is better to avoid combing too much and combining the hair in the right way. It is better to avoid using a brush or comb immediately after a wash since wet hair are vulnerable.

Avoid using heat

Blowing drying or hair straightening once in a while is fine but doing it regularly can damage the hair and lead to hair fall. It is better to use these products on low heat and only when required. The heat tends to damage the natural proteins of the hair and so make them brittle.

Avoid too much smoking

If you are in the habit of smoking regularly, then this could be another reason for hair fall or balding. What smoking does is that it increases the hormone amount and triggers hair loss. Smoking also tends to constrict the blood vessels which supply nutrients to the scalp and thus starves them of things needed for proper growth.

Go for a hair reconstruction procedure

If you have lost too many hairs to restore them back, then you can also opt for go for a hair reconstruction procedure or surgery. Many new methods and technologies now promise to bring back natural looking hair through surgical and non-surgical methods that you can opt for depending upon your specific nature of hair fall or hair loss.