Stress and diet are the number one cause for hair loss; people do not realize that new hair growth is encouraged by zinc, iron and biotin. People should include foods that contain those minerals, if they want to speed up the process of regrowing their hair. Stress can cause people to lose their hair because it can cause their hormones to fluctuate wildly. While it is impossible for people to completely eliminate their stress, reducing it will greatly assist with regrowing hair.

Genetic factors such as female or male pattern baldness and alopecia can not be completely cured by any means, but they can be reversed. People with these conditions do not have to wear a wig, for herbal cures can help them grow their hair back without having to resort to surgery, which can cost quite a bit of money. Telogen effluvium is a condition that primarily affects pregnant women, due to their hormones fluctuating through the pregnancy. Rapid weight loss or gain can also cause people to lose their hair because of the drastic and dramatic changes that they are undergoing. Once their hormones stabilize again and they continue taking their supplements, their hair will begin to grow back thick and healthy.

While it is not always possible to cure the cause for natural hair loss, especially when genetics are involved, it is quite possible to grow one's hair back. While many people believe that they can use horse shampoo to grow their hair back, this is a misconception. Horse shampoo is very good for human hair because it has fewer chemicals than human shampoo and is known to make hair grow thicker, stronger and healthier, it does not encourage new growth. It can also make coarse hair softer and easier to take care of, as well as make people 'hair extremely shiny, but that is all.

Hair loss vitamins are natural, herbal supplements designed to help people regrow their hair. Very few people ever have an allergic reaction to the herbs used in such supplements and they have bee proved to encourage new growth. As with all natural products, people will not see the results immediately, but will notice new growth within a week or two. The important thing to remember while taking vitamins is to remain patient, as there is no such thing as a miracle remedy or cure for anything. Even when hair does not grow to grow back, one must read the directions on the bottle and continue taking their vitamins for as long as they are instructed to do so. If they do not follow the directions or stop taking the supplement before they are supposed to, it can cause their hair growth to slow down drastically.

It is also important for people to inform their doctors that they are taking an herbal hair loss remedy, that way their doctors can make a note of it and make sure that a person's medications are not causing some sort of unwanted side effect when combined with the hair loss supplements. The physician will also monitor an individual to make sure that they do not have an extremely rare reaction to the herbal supplements that they are taking. While side effects and reactions are extremely rare, they can not be ruled out. A physician will not force a person to stop taking their hair loss supplement unless it is negatively affecting their health.