Some said that the condition of our hair reflects the overall status of our health. So if you were facing with a hair loss problem, then it could simply mean that your body might be in very bad shape. That is why having initial signs of hair loss, such as hair thinning or abnormal hair fall should be taken seriously. One should take action immediately through consulting a hair specialist or physician to get a more in-depth analysis of the problem.

Pattern baldness is mainly due to the blood containing high level of DHT. DHT will restrict the blood from flowing to the hair follicles, which prevent them from receiving nutrients and lead to hair thinning. The best way to treat this condition is to apply DHT blocker that will not only help to stop hair loss, but also promote new growth of hair.

Having the right vitamins take is very essential when treating any hair loss condition. They help to provide the hair with what the hair loss sufferer might lack of. Therefore it is important to choose the right hair loss vitamins that aid to block DHT and at the same time providing the right nutrients for hair growth. Most of the DHT blocker products like DHT blocking shampoo is a good example to accomplish these tasks.

The best DHT blocking shampoo basically consist of 2 characteristics. In order for it to be effective, first it has to stop hair fall and provide nourishment to promote hair growth. Saw palmetto, zinc and Beta-Sitosterol are the main ingredients that need to include for eliminating hair fall. To nourish the hair, it should also have the following list of ingredients. B vitamins, folic acid, vitamin B9, vitamin B5 and minerals like iron, silica, iodine, magnesium and zinc. Plus anti-oxidants, proteins, fatty acids, vitamins A, C and E will greatly help. Making sure that a DHT shampoo carries the above ingredients will definitely help achieve the goal of having a healthy looking hair.

DHT blocking shampoos have proven to effectively help thousands of men and women who are facing pattern baldness. They are one of the most popular treatment when it comes to treating DHT related hair problems, as they are really very affordable and easily available. And they are easy to use that do not require any prescription. So choose the right one for you and follow the instructions carefully as it could really improve your hair condition in the future.